Introducing A Lucid Dream!

Introducing A Lucid Dream!.

Open your arms for the sunshine…

The doors of destiny opening  slowly..

For a  shining and dazzling tomorrow

With no misery and sorrow…

With tears in my eyes ,

I welcome the new morn,

Which is hiding behind the closed door…

Closed door of my wall,

the dark walls of my heart,

let me break the locked one,

To be one with everyone..

spreading sunshine with open heart,

The world turns into an empyreal thought,

Which I can foresee and realize ,

By opening the shut doors of agony…..


8 thoughts on “Introducing A Lucid Dream!

  1. Very interesting that my illustration is completely going with your poetry than mine! Though the subject is literally comparable…surprisingly the title is same…. you will happy to know that my version was grey and hopeless… but finally I tried to look at hope and light!

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