a journey of mind and heart

Thud!!!……. came a loud sound,

Behind the back door of my house,

My heart trembled..and asked,

“What was that sound of”?

Replied back the mind instantly,” Don’t you worry”,

“it is only the old furniture ..

of our old neighbour crashing”…

My heart got relieved for once,

still apprehending any punch..

The mind reading all the things,

asked the heart ,” If you keep on fearing things,

How will you live and love life in peace”?

“You fear a heart break at every instant,

You fear a bruise for every stance,

You fear your strings getting tied,

You fear to let loose your feelings inside,

What the hell will you ever live…

when half your life goes waste in this….”

My heart was taken aback,to get such a strong glance,

But it learned now how to keep …

the emotions and feelings at a bay…

and weep,

It still yearns for love and care,

but never sulks in despair..

For it knows now how to live  and smile….

To seek  love and happiness in everyone’s life…



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