Dressed in aquamarine blue,

Tresses flowing like cascade new,

Deep innocent looks searching for some view…

A fairy landed in my courtyard…out of blue….

Strange yet true,

Unbelievable yet my dreams construe,

Flowing and walking like a river,

Her steps melted in the blue…


Staring at the flowers,

Smiling at the birds,

Surprised by the butterflies…

She became red by her blush..



How did she came here..?

Was a reason unknown..

Might have lost her way I thought,

from the fairies abode…


Lest the moment vanishes,

and I miss the golden glimpse,

I glued myself to her presence…

Viewing whatever she did…



Lucky was I,….I pondered

That I could get a glance,

The blue fairy’s day out…

in my courtyard…



a journey of mind and heart

Thud!!!……. came a loud sound,

Behind the back door of my house,

My heart trembled..and asked,

“What was that sound of”?

Replied back the mind instantly,” Don’t you worry”,

“it is only the old furniture ..

of our old neighbour crashing”…

My heart got relieved for once,

still apprehending any punch..

The mind reading all the things,

asked the heart ,” If you keep on fearing things,

How will you live and love life in peace”?

“You fear a heart break at every instant,

You fear a bruise for every stance,

You fear your strings getting tied,

You fear to let loose your feelings inside,

What the hell will you ever live…

when half your life goes waste in this….”

My heart was taken aback,to get such a strong glance,

But it learned now how to keep …

the emotions and feelings at a bay…

and weep,

It still yearns for love and care,

but never sulks in despair..

For it knows now how to live  and smile….

To seek  love and happiness in everyone’s life…


Introducing A Lucid Dream!

Introducing A Lucid Dream!.

Open your arms for the sunshine…

The doors of destiny opening  slowly..

For a  shining and dazzling tomorrow

With no misery and sorrow…

With tears in my eyes ,

I welcome the new morn,

Which is hiding behind the closed door…

Closed door of my wall,

the dark walls of my heart,

let me break the locked one,

To be one with everyone..

spreading sunshine with open heart,

The world turns into an empyreal thought,

Which I can foresee and realize ,

By opening the shut doors of agony…..


A rose can speak words in silence,

It can show friendship in resistance,

A rose can represent  love in violence….

It can express sensual feeling in romance…

Every rose wants to speak,

The story lying deep within,

It wants to share all the pain,

and feel the happiness of rain…

Every rose has a story of its own,

Depending on where it is being told…

 As the petals of the bud open,

the mystery of the rose unfolds…

Do you know what the rose said?

When it came from someone in my hand…

“I love you for being  what you are…”

This is the secret of the heart..

Remain unchanged and true to self…

A rose will also admire you then….