All the while I thought of you,

When you were away,

I so much missed you,

Now you are here ,

And I have no words…

To tell my tale of my loneliness….

I forget the pain when you are near,

and the moments of my tears,

Time just stands still,

when you are standing beside me..

I want to do everything for you,

but the moment comes and disappears.

I feel like catching it up again

To hold the time and the days again,

The journey of life it seems,

Is never-ending as it has been,

It feels as if we walked thru ages..

To be with one another in all the phases…


Sometimes a question stucks in my mind,

Do people enjoy what I write?

Do they just go thru it?

Or feel the depth of what is in it?

I have thousand poems to jot,

With my mind overflowing with thoughts,

Sometimes a picture inspires ,

else a small article ignites the fire…

Sometimes I question myself?

Do I express all my views,

rightly and perfectly ,

as anyone would like to anew,

My heart then replies back,

” you have done your job

as nicely as you can”..

Communicating and expressing what you meant,

To each and every individual present..

“Love your work and ..

so go on..till you get your heart full on..


when the heart beats faster,

the eyes search for something,

and my soul craves for him….

then its known …LOVE is in the air..


when the world looks beautiful,

the voice of birds seem music,

rains are the reason to be drenched in…

then its known..LOVE is in the air..


when his thoughts rule the heart and the mind..

when his voice gives a trembling in the heart,

when his presence stops the time and clock,

then its known…LOVE is in the air..