Whenever I think of you and the time when you were here,

My eyes get wet and are filled in tears ,

I sit and gaze at the silent sky,

Which is lonely yet sparkles like a fly…




The sky  today is filled up with stars,

all of them twinkling except who are too far,

Or are they the planets who just keep shining,

Changing their positions to keep the destiny altering..


Wherever you are in any corner of the world,

My world starts with your whispering word,

Life seems so incomplete  without your presence,

The stars too wonder what happened to the resonance?




Loneliness surrounds when you are not around,

But the lonely starry night makes me think aloud,

These moments of solitude granted to me,

Shall seek me solace ,If  I introspect within….


Embrace this moment,Will you do my dear?

For this fractional second will never come back in future..

The moment is priceless like a diamond on a ring,

As it is truly  engaging and enervating..

The golden moment brings joy and liveliness,

To fill our life with happiness,

What makes you then withdraw my dear..?

Just go forth and remove all the fear..

Live  to the fullest in this moment,

Don’t lose any of its fragments…

when recollected  , joy augments,

and fills the life with cherishable moments..

The noble river

While I sat on the banks of a river ….,

I felt my emotions driven  by,

 the flow of the white flowing water ,

amidst the  serene forest  nearby..

Deep down the river bed,

where the aquatic beings  dwell,

My heart dives in  and wishes to be ,

a part of that colourful cell …

Thousands of flora and fauna,

swaying in between,

oblivious of the outside world,

living in a dream …..


As the river gushes through,

valleys and mountains all new,

She  carries away my solitude,

leaving me completely anew..



Running through different regions,

Quenching thirst of everyone,

The river  absorbs their loneliness and fear,

till she  reaches the assigned  destination  …


Whilst I watch the river flowing,

vivaciously  forth,

Forgetting  the pains  and struggles,

that she ever had suffered..

Precluding  the sorrows of the ones,

  who came to her  recourse…

The noble river accomplishes the

purpose which is  exclusively  hers..




Quiver travels down my spine,

When the vibrations touch me as divine,

The musical notes resounding my heart’s ravine,

reignite the flame of a passion pristine…

The rhythm that plays in the background,

pervades through the air surround,

retracing my steps back to the ground,

I invoke thee to let me be around…

The music integrates with the fragrance,

Reverberating the moods of  the florescence,

Alluring me to be in the innocence,

That  divine had empowered me with  guidance..

Zealous and yearning to learn,

The wondrous words of wisdom,

Which will give my soul a feel,

Of the blissful DIVINE KINGDOM…


Clutched down by the pinions of the world,

An avian loses its freedom to soar above,

The freedom which it deserved ,

which gave insight of every averse…

The right of flying on the high,

Irrespective of its breed or clan,

Provided it with the  insight ,

To persuade its dream with all the   might…

The free bird wishes to fly to the peak,

By efforts to put everything behind the dream,

The focus of its goal,

Is the only thing it sees,

and achieves the aim if it remains free…

Free from the clutches of the world,

for survival and to remain unperturbed,

 Mind and body works then in consonance,

If  it keeps the chains detached,

The strong elusive bonds of things,

Makes  it tied down by its wings…

Forgetting the art of using wings,

The avian lives as a prisoner’s being

Mesmerised and confused by the world around ,

It loses its way of the THEE on bound…

Let the elegant bird spread its charm,

In the sun and in the rain,

To travel on the path chosen,

And get its wings loosen,

For the beauty of the beautiful one,

lies in flying free in the serene heaven…


Ever wondered or imagined how a machine works? Well ! there is a fixed pattern or a system involved  that regulates the working of a machine.With more and more advanced technology , every thing has been automated and all the machines and the equipments too have a program feeded in them,which helps them to run..

Like wise,imagine a human being…the output we get is from the system that makes it work,the program that has been feeded in it.The parts involved are the body parts that help in the functioning of the system.The system comprises of the thoughts,motivation,inspirations,differences,derivations,conclusions,complexes that give a resultant effect to let the work get done. So it all depends on the resultant force  of all these forces that apply here and thus the action or reaction that we often see.

The program that has been already feeded in humans are the basics ,ethics and morals that have been imbibed in us during our childhood,that which stay for the rest of our life until we live.A happy memorable childhood,an ugly past or sad trauma everything has an impression that lasts till the end of our life.And this always effects the decision factor of our life and the way we comprehend and think about others..

So for a perfect human being under the perfect circumstances , there should be an ideal childhood, an inspiration to achieve the impossible,a motivation to drive the efforts,a clear thought process without any confusions ..and the ability to derive the correct conclusion for an accurate decision..with ideal thoughts and feelings in harmony with the surrounding.

So if machine has flaws or its limitations and deviations,humans too have the tendency for the same!

Then shall we ever  be able to make a machine which is perfect and  similarly can a  human can be conceived who is perfect and ideal in everything?

we meet in every life


We must have walked together in the journey of life ,

Were you a stranger,a friend or a foe during that lifetime…?

Few hours of acquaintance  fills the bond with mirth,

When must have this bond been  tied now or in last birth?

We again came across each other in  life,

To say each other “hi” and then bid goodbye…





The moment when we met ,few words got exchanged,

But silence was the ornament that adorned our souls..


The congruence experienced was something anew,

As if  it existed during the process of births at the same venue…


Contradictory confusing thoughts flooded the mind,

when you met like a friend..

and departed as an enemy…

Was this a new facade of yours..

or the continuity of an old rivalry?


Was this our first meeting,

or the conclusion of a dormant history…?


Following a dream


Sometimes I sit and ponder on thoughts ,that make me feel good and strong,

Forcing me to believe  like I have won a grand battle of  Paragon!

The urge to mark an indelible mark,for the accomplishment of a task,

By my love and compassion to rule in everyone’s  heart…..



Egoism rules the minds ,when intellect and  the fools meet,

Forgetting the golden rules behind, that we are humans on the same street,

Rags and riches makes the status,but not a perfect human being,

For this enduring job one has to sacrifice his selfish think…

In the cove of the earthly dreams,

We are lured by the deceptive themes,

Neglecting the noble thoughts and deeds,

We get stranded in the ludicrous things…





Following a dream I believe,changes the ability to think,

Elevating the capabilities ,it paves a way for prosperity,

Alongwith those wishes,let us resound our presence,

Not by the wealth we have,but by the love in abundance..



My weekend




The day ends for everyone now..Its almost 11.00 pm and people all over the world will be having a fabulous weekend or must be planning for an adventure trip with their family and kids.

The trip which would rejuvenate them and would fill them with energy to sustain themselves in the pressure of their workplace during the forthcoming week..All have waited impatiently for the weekend to arrive . These few moments that everyone spends with their family and loved ones,or spending time with their favourite pastimes and places will fill their hearts back with the same reverberating feeling of overcoming the fears and becoming a winner in the race..

For me ,my  weekends and my week days both  are the same,as my sweet baby never allows me to take a wink in the afternoons nor does she lets me have continuous sleep for more than 2 hrs..

So the weekend too comes and leaves like a stranger ,with whom I am still not accustomed.

Babies are known to be nocturnal in nature but I have seen quite a few who like perfect children just sleep in time. They take complete rest and hardly get up at night. I feel their mothers to be extremely lucky ..

So this weekend ,it’s already gone  here ,,as we have weekend on Fridays and saturdays..We just sat at home ,my husband and children went to the park in the evening.I tried to  take a wink in the afternoon letting my little girl play with her elder bro..

And in the evening tried to cook for them a delicious and superb dinner that everybody would like.Late night ,we all just sat together to watch a movie “Goal The dream begins….”,a movie which I had already seen but had liked it very much due to the reality which the film portrays. The title too always fascinates me,seems like..the moment we  set our goal..Our dream begins taking a shape..

So it was probably a relaxing weekend..and for weekend gets completed if I am able to give much time to my family and indulge myself in doing whatever they like the best.

And the reward is the smiling faces that I see after all  these ..They rejuvenate me…the smile on the faces of my loved ones bring happiness to me like anything and I feel energised once again to work again for a week..