Azure is the sky today,

clear and free from clouds grey,

The ocean too looks deep and blue,

Reflecting each and every light of the above hue…

My thoughts too get transparent,

Clear and free from all the fears,

Is the sky responsible for all,

Or its me who thinks a lot…?





Whatever it is , I like the day,

When the mind is freely moving in a way,

When the sky above too is clean,

without any signs of the blackening….


What a reflection we can see,

The blue ocean and the blue sea..

Even the thoughts go vanished,

and the mind reflects the clarity….


4 thoughts on “THE BLUE SKY

  1. life is beautiful. it allows you to be closer to self and it gives you the opportunity to cease being in limits. life has so much to offer and it takes care of us in the most subtle and passionate manner.

    It’s all about realizing what life is – through the clear blue sky !!!

    Gr8 one !

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