Ornately beautiful

Based on Ornately beautiful. photo by Patricia



Is this door locked for all?

The beautiful lock seems oblivious of the wall,

Are there any walls to break ,

or the lock simply shuts the trail?

Is it the door that opens …

The path to heaven or hell ,

Does it ever tell the truth ..

to let it remain closed or open?

So many thoughts and so many stories,

My mind travels far away intriguing,

In search of the mystery of the wooden door..

and the ornately beautiful lock..?


10 thoughts on “Ornately beautiful

  1. The door, for me, signifies the limit of our skills, thoughts and words that we perceive to be.

    The lock signifies the so called strong emotions – relations, teachings, sacrifices etc – which, may or may not, be the deciding factor on how high a wall you create around yourself !

    “peace in confusion” in your words !!!!

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