The yellow shimmering dress in the shop,

With sparkling stars and a bow at the top,

Beautiful frills and laces on,

It looks like a  princess ‘s gown…

I know dear you wish to wear,

the prettiest dress that I have seen,I swear,

But the price tag that ‘s dangling on side,

Makes my heart beat go double and eyes wide…

Still I know that you have chosen something for the first time,

And you are too small to know the difference in the prices line,

I want to fulfill your first wish,

To see my little one dance with this…

You look like a fairy ,                                                                          

With the dress on,

And I thank myself to get that frock,

for your happiness and your joy…

my sweet baby…

I can try…

To give you the best..that I can give…

and fill your life with wonderful dreams….


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