Struggles and strifes all the life,

I wanted someone by  my side,

When things don’t go on their own,

To feel that I’m not alone….





Hurdles and Obstacles on the path,

I want to keep going till the last,

Just wanted someone by my side,

To be there when I am on the winning ride….





Problems and misunderstandings are a lot in life,

I want someone who comes to me,

Without my beckoning him,

To make me realise that he is there,

on the rocky terrain path…





Patience and determination all the way,

Paves my path and shows me my way…

I want you to be with me around..

When I reach my goal and fly above the ground…


I  hope and have faith in HIM,

For he sends someone on the brink,

To support me and give me strength,

On every corner and the end,

To make me feel that,


what else should I care for then…

When HE  himself comes to me..

at  anytime and in any form,

To make my faith more strong…..


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