When two minds meet, they  form an intellect pair,

Where the eyes meet , infatuation and crush happens,

When two hearts meet, love and romance  blossoms,

When two souls meet,life becomes a blessing…..

The intellect pair rules the world,

The infatuated duo hardly cares for anyone….

A romantic couple is busy in stealing glances…

And two soul mates live for everyone…

When the mind,heart and eyes meet,

Then the souls merge within,

They know each other since ages ,

And wait for one another in this  birth’s theme….

Soulmates are rare and precious,

They come across each other,

 anyhow ,anywhere  & anytime,

For they are destined to meet and live life together…

11 thoughts on “SOULMATES

  1. I have a soulmate, I met him about 17 years ago and there’s no-one like him in the world for me. He’s not my partner but I don’t believe the bond between us will ever break. It’s a wonderful thing to find, a real treasure, and I’m very grateful.

  2. I don’t know how this poem slipped pass me. I feel a belief and balance in the words that is hardly ever verbalized in a real time conversation. Ironically, the truth of this poem is apparent, inherent, and real in life connections. I have experienced both. Your definition of soul mates is honest and almost defies description of many. Very nice Soumyav!

    1. thanks a lot for all the words of appreciation..this just expresses the thoughts that we have within ourselves..the more we go deeper ,the more we realise them..

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