One day a flower said to the bee,

who was on an evening spree,

” What makes you so sad and gloomy”?

The bee replied”Iam not as pretty as you,

and I look very ugly”..

To this the flower smiled and said,

“You are free to move everywhere..”

I sit here all day along..

and wait for your buzzing song….



“The fragrance that I spread everywhere,

Is due to your love and care…

Your sound and touch makes me smile,

and I look so pretty and fine…”


The bee still wasn’t convinced,

It still looked gloomy and sad within,

The flower smiled and replied back,

” Iam here because of  you,

 You are the reason to make me bloom..”


“You have been blessed with some thing,

Which is probably your own prinicipality,

Your beauty lies in doing the duty,

For which you have been chosen exclusively..”










2 thoughts on “THE FLOWER & THE BEE

  1. Hey what a superb poetic post, you are simply great as well as your picture in the background of our blog. I think, i should have given you the due respect.

    So “Mam” from now!

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