My heart craves for your presence,

As the monsoon comes with silent steps,

The dark sky and grey clouds,

hovering over the place so low and loud..

Everything gets so chilled with the wind,

I wait for the rain drops to fill ::

My heart again with laughter,

As I had forgotten to smile,

Since they left the region therafter..

Raindrops…big and small.,

I love their feeling and their fall,

They seem to roam freely high in sky ,

Before coming down as the drizzling lye…

Nature seems at its best,

With drops of rain on the leaflets…

Rivers rushing and flowers blooming,

The birds too start their wonderful singing,

Small ponds and lakes fill to the brim,

With fishes and ducks jumping to swim…

What a wonderful sight is that,

My heart craves for the rain and its start,

I wonder how long will it take,

For the clouds to bring back the cheerful rain…

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