What a beautiful world he had made?

filled with flowers and the joys,

Happiness everywhere around,

Every being living here was proud..

Today the world is burning and blazing,

With the volcanoes more and more erupting,

Floods and Tsunamis are there,

Which sweep away the country’s welfare…

Whom do we blame for this blazen,

where our hearts have blacken,

busy with minute fights in throngs,

shouting the written slogans,

without any meaning to form..

Global warming and pollution…,

what do we talk of in such condition,

problems many with no solutions,

Efforts go in vain of all the inventions…

Explosions and bombings everywhere,

Violence rules the world even in our nightmare,

Peace talks have no outcomes ,

there’s always increase in number

of people having no incomes..

So many issues cropping around..

every minute and every second..

some dictator is thrown down..

all over the world..

chaos seems going,

somewhere people want new governments,

somewhere new Boeings,

some want developments,

some want new plans..

some want changes in the future plans..

What a place this world is now,

God too seems confused

 by the such strange chaos. ..

Sometimes I feel this will never go,

and this place will lose its glow,,

But I do hope and I do know…

If the world is still going and it will still go…

With some effort from ..every individual here…

Who can make a difference in bits and remove all fear..

Lets get together …to change this world..

and make this a beautiful place to live on..


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