The dark night…




Often in a dark and windy night,

I felt all alone to be quiet,

Nobody to talk or nobody to share,

sometimes the dark night becomes our companion..


She too seems lonely,

without the sun light,

sitting with the moon and stars,

Is her own plight..

They shine brightly though in the night,

she misses the golden sunlight..

I too can feel the sadness of night,

when Iam alone and no one in sight…



Isn’t such a day common with everyone

when we all have to spend time

 without our dear one..?

Whatever the reason for being alone,

Some pending work left or arrears in a row…


This dark night is my friend tonight,

Till the sun shines and the day gets bright…

for then will be here …My partner dear

Driving away my loneliness and my fear…





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