Deep innocent eyes  sparkling,

Gazing at the surroundings dazzling,

Surprised by the new shining,

It mistook the world as the sky glittering…


New and stranger staring ,

At the busy city’s glowing ,

Shocked to see the cars moving,

It mistook the world to be another cosmos forming…


Odd and alien now observing,

The people down here hustling,

Amazed to see the mob still moving,

It mistook the world to be a space station shuttling…


No wonder it was an alien,

Now on earth by some error,

But a day here on this planet ,

Made it realise it is not the only one here…

..in this universe and the cosmos,

where millions of living beings respire,

This galaxy is of someone very powerful and very real..


The existence of all the beings,

Is the choice of the God indeed,

He made all forms to live in peace,

And be in the place where they are meant to be..




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