I was there for you..

What made you do this,

I can never know,

The sudden change in you ,

I can never swallow,

There was a time when you had said,

My talks addicted your soul and

Now the sudden silence between us,

I cant think of any  reason for such…..



Everything was well and fine,

You were with me everytime,

But what went wrong ,

I can never guess,

Which made you so careless and ruthless,

As you ignore my presence today,

May you realise my value someday….


I accept the way you think,

But let me tell you one important thing,

I was with you not for me,

It was to make you aware of some bad thing,

I could guess something wrong,

In your life and future along,

So I came to lend you a hand,

In the need to make you stand,

I came there to lend a shoulder,

when you need to drop some tears,

But human mind cannot believe all,

It seems to doubt the worthiest God…

So who am I in front of him..

A small and tiny being of him..

who had sent me to take care  ,

And spread  smiles  in your life .. everywhere..



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