Dreams are wings of life,

Which give us power to fly and leap,

From the real world to the fantasy,

Where we go to a different world in our sleep…

We get the leisure of being what we wish,

 like to dream the impossible and be selfish,

Sometimes they show us the real facts,

To make  us aware of the life’s tacts..

We travel far away in our dreams ,

To realise the unseen and seen things,

With a smile on our face…

or  tear in our eyes…

They make us feel the either side…

What a magical world this seems to be,

Where we can dream of anything,

To be a king in a moment,

and back to the hills in next few seconds…

Where we fulfill our wishes,

and live our dreams..

Such goes the story in our sleep..

So sleep in peace the very next time,

To see a dream about lifetime,

Where happiness and joy are everywhere,


let me dare ….


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