My angel of love

Soaking in your ocean of love,

draping myself with your care and concern,

decked with the jewels of  your passion,

I adorn myself  with the gems of love…


Away from the earth and sky,

Deep beneath the layers of heart,

When a breath of fresh air flows,

I  know that its you and not the rose..


Tired by the tangles of the world,

Deep inside the core of blood,

When I  feel something fresh and new,

I know that its not silk  but you..


Losing the battles of life,

Deep behind my wet eyes,

When I  can see  the new light,

I know that its your love not the moonlight…


Who knew that for us on earth,

God  has sent an angel of love,

To deal with the wordly ties,

This loving soul becomes our companion…


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