Speaking the truth…We all in our lifetime have heard this umpteen times,more during our childhood,when our parents are continously on a go to persuade us for speaking the truth..Theres wasn’t any big sin besides  speaking a lie in our childhood.

Ethics and morals rule our world as we grow up . Parents ,teachers and all the elders that we come across explain us the value of these morals and more prominently of speaking the truth..Besides the teachings and the words that we hear ,we often learn from our experiences in life..

I will narrate one such incident which actually shocked me as a child . While I was in school and studying in grade 3, I was a favourite amongst the teachers for being  good student and also an obedient one..

Once during a semester, our Maths teacher left the school and a new teacher joined after few days. After interacting with her few times I found her to be very rude and arrogant as compared to other teachers . But being a child I thought might be Iam over judging her and ignored the thoughts.

Whenever she gave assignments in class, as usual I was the first one to finish them and do my work neatly as possible.But I was always surprised to see that she kept on complaining and abusing me for doing some silly mistake which actually I hadn’t done.

I tried my best in her every class to impress her by my work but there was no change in her attitude.

Once during a class, she came and just asked us to be quiet and sat down reading some magazine .. I remember it wasn’t a Maths period and we asked her where was our English madam who was supposed to take the period.She just rebuked and asked us to keep quiet.

After a while our principal happened to cross the corridor. Suddenly she came inside our classroom and asked what was the period going and what were we all doing?

As the maths teacher hadn’t told us to do anything nor had given us any work everybody was busy doing something or the other.The principal got angry at how come all the students were having different books on the table and weren’t doing anything.As those weren’t any exam days nor any assignments were given to the teachers,she asked the new maths teacher about the scenario?

The teacher got confused and didnt have any answer.Me being the oldest student of the school and known for being a good one, the principal asked me to stand up and enquired whose period was that?

I was afraid but by my consience I said it was English period . For which the new teacher got a strong look from the principal and asked for explanation. After a while when the principal left,my teacher called me up scolded me for speaking the truth  and even commented that do I think I have done a great job and even said that she will ensure that I don’t pass in her subject..

This was something which I never expected and I thought even if she was sitting there in our class without having her period ,what was there to lie if she hadn’t done anything wrong. Had she been in as a  substitution,then everything was clear,then what was the reason that she got angry and afraid..For her fault whtever it was,she was trying to hide the truth and persuaded the whole class to keep quiet and join her in that..Unknowingly she had led the small children go on a way which wasn’t good for any..She hid the fact,she tried to lie,she  herself wasn’t convinced  that she was right which made her more aggravated …

Children have soft hearts and also soft minds,which moulds according to the way they are treated..

Very soon she left the school,but now after so many years,whenever I do remember my childhood,I have fond and good memories of everybdoy ,but I still today feel what impression she left on me and other students and what lesson she taught us inspite of being a teacher…?

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