The sunshine award…

Do you all know about any person in your life,

someone radiating light and spreading sunshine…

there are two of them amongst us.

who have their own magical world..

They write about magic and fairies

and themselves are form of the twninnies..

Sweeter enough to be angels..

They motivate all other with their humor…

Spring like season they are,


spreading happiness and joy in all..

They nominated me for the award “SUNSHINE”..

I thank them for their belief in mine….


1) Include the award Logo(s) in a post or in your blog. 2) Answer 10 question about your self. 3) Nominate 10 to 12 other fabulous bloggers. 4) Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blog, letting them know about the award. 5) Share the love and link the person who nominated you.

THE QUESTIONS I need to answer:

What is your favourite colour? Red

What is your favourite animal? cat

What is your favourite nonalcoholic drink? fresh juice

Do you prefer facebook or twitter? facebook

Whats your passion? music & writing

Whats your favourite pattern? no pattern

Do you prefer giving or getting presents? giving

Whats your favourite number? 4

Favourite day of the week? sunday

favourite flower? tuberose

The nominees:

Best wishes to all of you…

A group of them dancing and twirling amongst the bushes and the saplings,

Some going up in the sky, few of them sit on flowers and then fly,

Colours of different shades together ,red and yellow,blue and white ,

Are very happy and gay to see the sunlight…

Butterflies of all colour and shape, freely move over from place to place,

Some have beautiful spots on them ,some own a special design to name,

For a second they sit and see,another minute get up and flee,

playing around the rose and mulberry,enjoying the sunny ride and merry…

What awesome view it is,to have a glimpse of the dancing queens,

whenever I want a closer look,and I tiptoe near the hook,

They sense my presence …and rush away,

Playing hide and seek with me and the shrubs that come in their way….

Had they ever imagined their world to be happening,

Inside the soft cocoon when they had started developing,

Could  we even think that a beautiful butterfly would wink

From a sluggish caterpillar,lying somewhere over a leaf…

So many mysteries in this world that are around us,,

what a creator he is? That he can create such wonderful  things..

Which are hard to believe in…

..and rare to be convinced….

Ornately beautiful

Based on Ornately beautiful. photo by Patricia



Is this door locked for all?

The beautiful lock seems oblivious of the wall,

Are there any walls to break ,

or the lock simply shuts the trail?

Is it the door that opens …

The path to heaven or hell ,

Does it ever tell the truth ..

to let it remain closed or open?

So many thoughts and so many stories,

My mind travels far away intriguing,

In search of the mystery of the wooden door..

and the ornately beautiful lock..?



Azure is the sky today,

clear and free from clouds grey,

The ocean too looks deep and blue,

Reflecting each and every light of the above hue…

My thoughts too get transparent,

Clear and free from all the fears,

Is the sky responsible for all,

Or its me who thinks a lot…?





Whatever it is , I like the day,

When the mind is freely moving in a way,

When the sky above too is clean,

without any signs of the blackening….


What a reflection we can see,

The blue ocean and the blue sea..

Even the thoughts go vanished,

and the mind reflects the clarity….


Hold my hand my dear friend,

When I’m in need and when in despair…

Hold my hand,when I stumble ,

To help me get up and to stand up…

Hold my hand in the storm,

When I shiver by the lightening and the storm…

Hold my hand,when I’m weak,

To break my loneliness even while I’m asleep…

Hold my hand,when I want to feel you touch,

To reassure that you love me so much…

While I say those thoughts  my dear,

I shall be very close to you ,very near,

You will never then go wrong,

As you shall be holding my hand forever…


I want to play in the rain


happy days are here again,

I want to go and play in the rain,

drenching myself in the drizzle,

jumping around in all the puddles….

the raindrops look so much like pearls,

white …round ..and translucent from near…

like the necklace “mom’ you wear,

I wish to tie them all together…..

wet ..wet rain to feel,

It washes everything from within,

I love to dance and feel the rain,

for it won’t come back soon again…..

Frogs and cricket,

small boats and balls,

Everybody enjoys the rain song,

Let me once go and have the fun….

to feel the rain ….and miss the sun…

water splash….splash…everywhere…

makes me refreshed by smelling the air….

When I grow up like you “MOM”,

I won’t stop my little ones along,

To miss this excitement of the rain …

And will let them get drenched again & again……


The yellow shimmering dress in the shop,

With sparkling stars and a bow at the top,

Beautiful frills and laces on,

It looks like a  princess ‘s gown…

I know dear you wish to wear,

the prettiest dress that I have seen,I swear,

But the price tag that ‘s dangling on side,

Makes my heart beat go double and eyes wide…

Still I know that you have chosen something for the first time,

And you are too small to know the difference in the prices line,

I want to fulfill your first wish,

To see my little one dance with this…

You look like a fairy ,                                                                          

With the dress on,

And I thank myself to get that frock,

for your happiness and your joy…

my sweet baby…

I can try…

To give you the best..that I can give…

and fill your life with wonderful dreams….


Struggles and strifes all the life,

I wanted someone by  my side,

When things don’t go on their own,

To feel that I’m not alone….





Hurdles and Obstacles on the path,

I want to keep going till the last,

Just wanted someone by my side,

To be there when I am on the winning ride….





Problems and misunderstandings are a lot in life,

I want someone who comes to me,

Without my beckoning him,

To make me realise that he is there,

on the rocky terrain path…





Patience and determination all the way,

Paves my path and shows me my way…

I want you to be with me around..

When I reach my goal and fly above the ground…


I  hope and have faith in HIM,

For he sends someone on the brink,

To support me and give me strength,

On every corner and the end,

To make me feel that,


what else should I care for then…

When HE  himself comes to me..

at  anytime and in any form,

To make my faith more strong…..


When two minds meet, they  form an intellect pair,

Where the eyes meet , infatuation and crush happens,

When two hearts meet, love and romance  blossoms,

When two souls meet,life becomes a blessing…..

The intellect pair rules the world,

The infatuated duo hardly cares for anyone….

A romantic couple is busy in stealing glances…

And two soul mates live for everyone…

When the mind,heart and eyes meet,

Then the souls merge within,

They know each other since ages ,

And wait for one another in this  birth’s theme….

Soulmates are rare and precious,

They come across each other,

 anyhow ,anywhere  & anytime,

For they are destined to meet and live life together…

Be a strainer

Water boiling in the vessel,

Tea leaves added to it brings colour,

Right amount of sugar dissolved,

gives the tea a sweet flavour….

As the strainer strains the leaves,

ready to be sipped in ,

Be a strainer in your life…

To sieve out the sorrows and the griefs….

Perfect aroma comes from,

The flavour that we add in the tea,

Cardamom or else ginger ,

Gives us  the refreshing feel….

So add the good flavours in life,

To get the essence that we can never dislike…

Strain the negative thoughts out,

To give  the life a beautiful feel…..