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Souls in transcendence!

on the falling and rising tidal waves amidst the rough climate surpassing every storm and  hazy days through silent, restless nights… after years of deplorable moments… wandered through the dense darkened forests searching for the soul close and intimate… the lonesome hearts sought for real happiness… wrenched by twists of life, in clenched fists of […]

Plough thy field!

Plough thy field , O! restless mind, barren is thy land make it fertile… rake up the soil undug the earth freshen thy surface for the sow… spread the seeds of the enchanting name Whose utterance will lift your veil O! ignorant mind, cultivate thy land let the virtuous arrive till then thy senses, recite […]

Through the glass of life !

  photocredit:aislingjenningsphotography.wordpress.com   Through the glass of life a film I view with a backdrop  music of living characters who play and cavort …   forgetten , the sense of life their goal, their  intention of being alive in wine glasses,tumble they in a gulp , quaff the essence.   frills, frolics on their mind […]


Ya! that’s what I seemed to love… the fluttering wings of the flying wonders brightly coloured, crafted exquisitely yellow patches in auburn imagery, a little imago loves to dance when the lovely breeze sways by chance!   Behold! gorgeous tiny beings on earth the wondrous butterflies flying over…   Have you ev’r come across their […]


What lies forth ! round the bend,where I can’t see! A blind corner , a cliff dangerous, a valley of flowers or a dangerous rift! Is the river flooded, Can I cross it without oars, will there be a boat for me or shall the shore reach beneath my feet in seconds!!! Is there a […]

Picture it & Write- Darkness

Written for Ermilia’s “Picture it and Write”. http://wp.me/p1HrCI-1jm   slippery the dark alley, wet with gruesome doubts, the smooth floor of love lies today in the dull passage of incertitude…   On the end stood the soul, watching the melee of thoughts awaiting to be swept by a turbulent storm!   Truth has different facades […]

The “Reach” which touches or the “Touch” which reaches?

Ever thought is it the Reach to thousands of people all around the globe that touches them,or is it the Touch which they feel ,makes my verses on my blog accessible? The long journey ,an interesting one ,it has been on WordPress,since the time I started writing here. As I have a look at my […]


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