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Like shining sands… sparkling stones in the sweltering heat… or the cooling breeze… I stand alone! Like waves you come and touch , carrying me  in everything… Slowly washing away my shore… sometimes a little more…   Awaiting  I  hear the lore,   Of the falling and rising chores… What happens if I get washed […]


Its evening time and he walked down the street that went straight to the sandy shores. The hustle bustle of the town nearly fades away as the street bends around the edges and moves towards the golden beach.The crowd too starts disappearing as the road moves on. Rarely do people  walk across this road for […]


Walking  on the shores of life feeling the sunshine, As we trod in the sands of time, the waves come and kiss our feet , Only to leave us as the waves recede…       Lines added by Prashant:     they tell us about a life beyond  in the touch of subtle memories,  the waves […]


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