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Light of Wisdom

O! Thee, my ignorant mind seeks the light there’s darkness everywhere, knowledge flourishes, learned is man, who is the learner,dies the inquisitiveness… Speaks every mouth, who doth listen, forgets the vision, to observe ears deafen … O! Thee, searches my ignorant mind for the lustrous flower whose fragrance shall wipe away worries and ego of […]

The “Reach” which touches or the “Touch” which reaches?

Ever thought is it the Reach to thousands of people all around the globe that touches them,or is it the Touch which they feel ,makes my verses on my blog accessible? The long journey ,an interesting one ,it has been on WordPress,since the time I started writing here. As I have a look at my […]


Our book” Suroor of the Soul ” shines through the grey clouds of despair like a silver lining . Its a great start for the book ,where readers have shared their beautiful reviews and more  orders for  fresh copies  have started coming in! Although a long journey ,yet as writers we are filled with gratitude […]


Why do I stand beneath the starlit sky witnessing the grand meteor show why do I dip my gentle hand into the freezing stream that flows? What do I think,when the orchids bloom Why do I gaze at the autumn fall what doth run in my mind when the night breaks into the golden dawn? […]


Sitting on a perch, a remarkably red ruby bird, singing her tunes to the world, oblivious of anyone who hears, enjoys the glimpses of nature, swinging on her favourite branch Admire her or walk off, she speaks the language of happiness on earth. (PHOTOCREDIT:hdw.eweb4.com)


                    Standing amidst the moving crowd of faces and shadows, the tall elegant composed persona , motionless, stationary, watching every move of the glamorous and destitute world….   Multitudinous dreams brushing past, stored and hidden in cores of the heart, countless figures traversing the path, which […]


            “Come back”, Spreading his arms he beckons!, “Embrace me with your presence, Without you , its just a waste, of life and the glittering pleasures…”   “Don’t turn your back”, He pleads, “I will listen to your suggestions, deriving joy from simple things.. will  now be my natural behaviour…” […]


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