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O! Thee, my ignorant mind seeks the light
there’s darkness everywhere,
knowledge flourishes,
learned is man,
who is the learner,dies the inquisitiveness…
Speaks every mouth,
who doth listen,
forgets the vision, to observe
ears deafen …
O! Thee,
searches my ignorant mind
for the lustrous flower
whose fragrance shall wipe away
worries and ego of power…
Amidst the clouded thoughts and views
of the intellectuals,
I, stand alone
look for that light of wisdom
illumines and kindles
the lost conscience of every soul and enliven.

Ever thought is it the Reach to thousands of people all around the globe that touches them,or is it the Touch which they feel ,makes my verses on my blog accessible?

The long journey ,an interesting one ,it has been on WordPress,since the time I started writing here.

As I have a look at my stats today, I see more than 70,000 views from all over the world . Readers have been here leaving their love and encouragement in form of comments which cross over 13,000 .

People from over  200 countries have visited my blog and it amazes me how we all get connected through this beautiful realm of expressions!

What is it that attracts or pulls?

The words,the poems, my thoughts,the colourful themes…

No, I think its the journey of my learning rather their own where I have got connected to everyone refining me more and more.

Today as the book”Suroor of the Soul” resonates with the audience from varied class,profession,age and gender.

I know its all destined and was!

For now,read the beautiful thought shared by  Uzoma from 85 degress,who is  very well known to us,about the book.

He includes a small interview of my views and perception too in this link!

Thank you everyone who has been here and has encouraged,inspired and motivated me to write more and more.


Best wishes,


Our book” Suroor of the Soul ” shines through the grey clouds of despair like a silver lining .

Its a great start for the book ,where readers have shared their beautiful reviews and more  orders for  fresh copies  have started coming in!

Although a long journey ,yet as writers we are filled with gratitude with the kind of reviews pouring in.It is the main motive of a writer to touch the heart of every reader with utmost intensity and depth.And as the reader finds satisfaction in the thoughts conveyed,it  gives  immense pleasure to the authors.

For all the updates regarding the book and also the latest reviews,,be on the website of the book

A thought:

Life is a beautiful journey like a varicolored spectrum which reflects different colors every time.  Right from the beginning when a soul takes birth till the day it leaves the world,it is a continuous process of evolution for the mind,body and the soul
We experience many such moments which fill us with joy and enthusiasm,but the fight for survival and the struggle to exist in the materialistic society as an achiever of superficial dreams  always keeps us stressed and exhausted. As a result we are drained,deadened and we lead a lifeless life fighting against the inner conflicts .


Why do I stand beneath the starlit sky
witnessing the grand meteor show
why do I dip my gentle hand
into the freezing stream that flows?

What do I think,when the orchids bloom
Why do I gaze at the autumn fall
what doth run in my mind
when the night breaks into the golden dawn?

What is it that I search for
on the endless path where I walk?
Why do I lie on the grass,
staring above the azure, enrapt?

the mind moves in the quest of its recluse,
the heart explores the world
     craving for the tranquil air,
thoughts seek the poise serene 
     amongst the rustling crowd
wherein my soul yearns for the happiness in despair ...
...And I ,as a whole ,disintegrate ...
awaiting for the ultimate togetherness.


Sitting on a perch,

a remarkably red ruby bird,

singing her tunes

to the world,

oblivious of anyone who hears,

enjoys the glimpses of nature,

swinging on her favourite branch

Admire her

or walk off,

she speaks the language

of happiness on earth.













Standing amidst the moving crowd of faces and shadows,

the tall elegant composed persona ,

motionless, stationary,

watching every move of the glamorous and destitute world….


Multitudinous dreams brushing past,

stored and hidden in cores of the heart,

countless figures traversing the path,

which always gets busy or lost…


Life with reflections of  dissimilar  contrasts,

Births of innocent vibes,

deaths of fallen broken ideas,

living of stagnant outlooks,

languishing for a glimpse of true psyche …


The static one sheds a tear,

smiles for a while,

standing amidst the life divine…imploring

the souls walking beside…

to be alive…


Unlike itself,who cannot move,

stuck to the ground for years,

The statue of  a noble Zeus,

cries and weeps for everyone…







“Come back”,

Spreading his arms he beckons!,

“Embrace me with your presence,

Without you , its just a waste,

of life and the glittering pleasures…”


“Don’t turn your back”,

He pleads,

“I will listen to your suggestions,

deriving joy from simple things..

will  now be my natural behaviour…”


” How do I convince you of my promise and decision,”

He utters ,

“Finally after so many setbacks ,

I have learnt this gist of nature…”


“Stay here with me in my heart for ever,

I shall spread thy radiance ,

around me and the ones who need ,

the very everlasting joy  in large measures…”


She turns around,

Rushes back  to  be in his arms,

getting absorbed in his soul,

He smiles and rejoices the moment ,


 The beautiful HAPPINESS  sojourns

in his heart forever…













Magical and mystical, beautiful yet difficult,

smooth roads ,higher terrains,

high peaks , deep valleys…

this journey of life…

melodious ..and intense with poignance …


Every birth thou came  along,

to hold my hand and lead me everywhere,

like a child I followed you…

within the heart or in this atmosphere…


The times when thou appeared before,

manifesting the whole universe to the core,

I blindly surrendered to you ! My lord  ! 

my ego to which I adhered…









It has been ages since you left ..

the earth and thy earthly form,

I miss My Master those golden  days!

when I didn’t had to sulk for anything that went wrong…


For thou  presence overshadowed the things,

whatever that life brings..

the only ones that the  eyes could see..

was the Eternal  Divine embodied …


The days when you were home,

rejoiced the heart and was enthusiastic more,

worries and sadness,

I had dumped at your feet …

to be trampled… and never think about it….


Born  on the soil of this  earth…

O! Master you mastered the roles,

As a mother you hath  cared,

as a father you hath taught,

as a guide you showed me the path…

like navigator you steered …

Sublimating my thoughts in the revered pleasure…


Am I walking down the right path,

Asks the inner voice! today

An augur  from thou,

Shall change everything,

the life and the universe,

Wiping out the  destitution that is around …


I yearn for that empyrean instant,

when my encephalon  touches  ..

the dust where thy  feet   just got embossed…

My spirit always awaits for 

the blessing that can bestow…

a glimpse of thy magnificent  figure!


Wow! For the first time I am posting something for the photo challenge! Well ! rather than the challenge of photos,its always a challenge for everyone nowadays as to reply what makes them happy? What a simple question a nd simple should be the answer.

The things which bring smile on our face instantly without selfish thoughts- can be termed as the ones which make us happy.

For me,my cutie baby girl’s smile and her mischievous look brings happiness.

A walk on the beach in the cooling sands  during the sunset makes me more than happy.

The colourful bunch of flowers which decorate my home and my life.

The fluorescent greenery of the mountains with clouds hovering on them is a real pleasure to the eyes.

Moments spent near a rocky sea,where the waves collide noisily  and go back silently taking away all turbulence within.

A delicate pair of earrings which bring spark to my face do certainly  sparkle my eyes…

My prized possession ,my finger ring! Because that is connected to my life! to my soul .

Once on a crowded street of LISSE,

a little boy of eight was walking down with canvas and paint,

amusing everyone who stared ,

some thought he was carrying the things for his Mom,

few pondered may be he is running an errand,

oblivious of the surprising glares,

he just trotted for long.








He went down to the end of the street , on the edge of the colorful fields,

where thousands of tulips were swaying with the wind and the scene was perfectly enchanting.

Taking out the stand ,he fixed,

the canvas and the brushes with him,

slowly he started stroking the soft pastels of the wonderful tulips…

Hours passed,he didn’t stop,

The sun-scorched and his cheeks got burnt,

Passers by and tourists of Keukenhof  had a look,

on whats going on his schedule.





A virtual world he laid,

aesthetically in rhythm and paint,

People started flocking in,

admiring the little lad!

some dropped coins,some few notes in the bag that hanged adjacent,

The little one was  engrossed,

with his muse and little did he glance…









Suddenly he saw a man dropping few coins,

he abruptly stopped and said to him,

“I don’t want money! Man!

“I am the son of a rich woman.”


“Then what brings you to this place,

all alone and painting in the sun empty stomach ,my son”!asked the man.

The little one replied, “Its my Mom…

she said my dear please go and

pursue your passion as you can,

for life isn’t that beautiful song,

which can be sung till the end,

Make your heart  contended

that …

you did what gave you happiness…”




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