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Light of Wisdom

O! Thee, my ignorant mind seeks the light there’s darkness everywhere, knowledge flourishes, learned is man, who is the learner,dies the inquisitiveness… Speaks every mouth, who doth listen, forgets the vision, to observe ears deafen … O! Thee, searches my ignorant mind for the lustrous flower whose fragrance shall wipe away worries and ego of […]

Gracious art!

through the passage of turbulent times runs the stream of love divine narrowed which the chasm of nothingness filled the vale with fragrant roses.   ravines cut by the flow of words on the rocky path or desert bruise the tender heart the balm for this ache is rare, hard to realize and exceptional to […]

WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE: UP ( high above he dwells)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Up. I , a minute being on earth, as I gaze at the sky, far above I find life… flying in the blue skies.. sometimes in form of fluffy clouds, amidst which the kites fly, in the heaven far above, shades of crimson highlight the twilight from where  the creator  keeps an […]


                In the air which I breathe, I can experience  the nostalgic feel, when I walk across the glowing  shrine, that lies majestically beside the water… The morning Azaan wakes my soul as if I was in my country’s soul, the huge gigantic structure stands overpowering the weakened […]


                    Components   of the Eternal , constituted with his elements, pure and divine … shall always be! Far away from the evil.. and its addicting nature within…   Sent as mortal beings, the immortal souls , with embodied figures! to learn and experience, the world […]


Wait for a second, turn around, it was your life… that got lost in the strife!   What do you see? trees,roads,buildings, people flocking on streets,  Or noise ruling the surroundings….?   Think again,you were there till yesterday, amongst the lost mob stranded, in endless search of prosperity, erasing the gifts possessed…   Running hastily […]


Can I ever meet a soul.. passionate as my ardor, zealous  enthusiasm filled, momentous moments cherishing within…   Can  I ever meet a soul, who trusts his intuition vigor, unlike the rest of the world, courageous  and truthful amor!   Can I ever come across, a soul as cheerful as Iam apart, smile being the […]


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