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O! Thee, my ignorant mind seeks the light
there’s darkness everywhere,
knowledge flourishes,
learned is man,
who is the learner,dies the inquisitiveness…
Speaks every mouth,
who doth listen,
forgets the vision, to observe
ears deafen …
O! Thee,
searches my ignorant mind
for the lustrous flower
whose fragrance shall wipe away
worries and ego of power…
Amidst the clouded thoughts and views
of the intellectuals,
I, stand alone
look for that light of wisdom
illumines and kindles
the lost conscience of every soul and enliven.

through the passage of turbulent times

runs the stream of love divine

narrowed which the chasm of nothingness

filled the vale with fragrant roses.


ravines cut by the flow of words

on the rocky path or desert

bruise the tender heart

the balm for this ache is rare,

hard to realize

and exceptional to find!


love for the soul

kindness at heart

benign the wellness,

gracious becomes the art!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Up.

up in the air

up in the air

kites flying high

kites flying high

coloured horizon above

coloured horizon above

sri lankan architecture

sri lankan architecture

high in the clouds the minaret of grand mosque,abudhabi

high in the clouds the minaret of grand mosque,abudhabi

grand mosque abudhabi

grand mosque abudhabi

artistic and exquisite

artistic and exquisite

the interior ceiling of the Grand mosque,abu dhabi

the interior ceiling of the Grand mosque,abu dhabi

grand and exotic

grand and exotic

I , a minute being on earth,

as I gaze at the sky,

far above

I find life…

flying in the blue skies..

sometimes in form of fluffy clouds,

amidst which the kites fly,

in the heaven far above,

shades of crimson highlight

the twilight

from where  the creator

 keeps an eye

on the tiny world

assuming to be  high



on the ceilings

of the universe

where thousands crystals sparkle

here I lie on the ground

being scrupulous

of  life forever…










In the air which I breathe,

I can experience  the nostalgic feel,

when I walk across the glowing  shrine,

that lies majestically beside the water

The morning Azaan wakes my soul

as if I was in my country’s soul,

the huge gigantic structure stands

overpowering the weakened thoughts….

the minarets reinstate the presence

of the UNIVERSAL Creator as the lifegiver

reassuring the feeble mind

there is a mystery that is eternal

and flows with time…


Whether I kneel in front of my lord,

or I stumble near a church

If I see through the beauty of the mosque,

I find HIM in every place

reigning the millions of heart along

he dwells in every breath of mine

like the air I breathed with time,

whether I hear a devotional song,

a carol of the Christmas,

or Allah in Quran!














Components   of the Eternal ,

constituted with his elements,

pure and divine …

shall always be!

Far away from the evil..

and its addicting nature within…


Sent as mortal beings,

the immortal souls ,

with embodied figures!

to learn and experience,

the world over beneath!


Fruit sweet and poisonous,

warned by gods ,

to the earthly dears…

consumed and absorbed by the fears,

transforming the eternal ones…

into mere mortals of this Universe..


Dripping along the curves,

drops of ecstatic nectar,

essence of perfumed florets invariable…

watery vapours in the atmosphere,

evaporating …

in the air…

with the rising phenomenon…

rhythm gentle,

changes to vibrant layers,

souls merge ..

as one in a sphere…

oneness known,

ne’er by the body and soul ,

ages since it birthed …

on earth from heaven!


But Alas! the mind never knew,

this wasn’t the only truth,

Wisdom brightened the way for some ..

who knew and realized the inner view,

walking on the path divine …

assimilating with the Elysian as anew!

Wait for a second,

turn around,

it was your life…

that got lost in the strife!


What do you see?


people flocking on streets, 


noise ruling the surroundings….?


Think again,you were there till yesterday,

amongst the lost mob stranded,

in endless search of prosperity,

erasing the gifts possessed…


Running hastily to the work,

everyday you stumbled,

a hand which held you  from falling,

you forgot to always thank her…


Never for a second you stopped and breathed,

the fresh new air of life,

never observed the buds blooming,

nor the sunrise…








Gone are the times.days of past,

never shall they be back again,

The moment when you realized the  essence,

lost was the reason of happiness…


Get up! you dumb hearted dumb minds of today!                                                                              

before it gets too late,

rise,awaken your self…to see and experience,

the real bliss and happiness,

through the eyes of your loved ones ,

amidst the lap of nature,

gratifying shall be the soul,

when you shall  be thankful to the creator…


Can I ever meet a soul..

passionate as my ardor,

zealous  enthusiasm filled,

momentous moments cherishing within…


Can  I ever meet a soul,

who trusts his intuition vigor,

unlike the rest of the world,

courageous  and truthful amor!


Can I ever come across,

a soul as cheerful as Iam apart,

smile being the jewel precious,

wading happily when muddy waters obstruct the path!


Can I ever know of a soul,

who  is so very much me,

Like a reflection of self ..

in the glimpse when in the mirror I see!



Should it needs  to be cloned!

Is there never a second soul ..

like us on the whole globe,

Unique ones in the world

Perhaps  HE created each one in different mode…

With the satin sheet of silken feel the blue sky  gives nostalgia within,
amidst the twinkling gems studded in between which bedeck the  lazuline  linen,
glows a luminescent gleam radiative bright red and fiery,
staring at the entities of the huge gigantic galaxy ….
Closer to the glowing fireball than the living  confrere ,
It heaves a sigh seeing the beautiful life there in,
varicoloured,bright shades appear,
as its glances from one magnetic pole to the other end of sea…
Myriad living organisms  in the network of  life,
Oblivious of the one who is glaring them with suspire,
It dreams of having such an pleasant atmosphere ,
where the colourful life could dwell in its sphere!
Mutely it asks the creator of the universe,
Why such biased feeling while creating the globes that are so mere,
Why should Earth have all it has,
devoiding rest of the planets with precious acquisitions…
Mercurius cries wailingly ,
appealing to the precious One,
what made me become such a hotter one,
was it the errand of Larunda that made me suffer,
 Did you forget I was the dearest messenger of yours? 

Hail !  lOh!  Mother of Universe,

the creator of the creations,

centre of Cosmos   you are!

With innumerable dimensions to form!

Source of the flowing energy,

image of divine beauty,

empowering the weak,

a manifestation of the Oceanic love …

Sinking is the ship of my life,

Steer the wheel and be my guide,

ushering me away from the storming sea,

to a safer shore of destiny…

O! Divine Mother! the mother of all!

where else can I surrender

my ego and self ,

but only in your arms!

Grace be on me ,

the lotus eyed!

I pray to be forever …

at the feet of divine…

On the day specially meant for Fathers, I wish my dad a happy Father’s day.Far away from him, since the time I got married,now in a different place in a different country,I always have remained  close to his heart. A daddy’s girl…

Like every father he too is my idol and I try to follow his footsteps unknowingly.He too inculcated in me many qualities and taught the basics of life. The most important of which is ‘Always thank Him for whatever he gave, and always pray “Let the thing best for everyone happen” .He didn’t teach me this but he did practise the same…I just try to remember whatever he said.

On this father’s day, I bow before the Father of the Universe…

Since antiquity ,

times changed,

eras came to an end,

you are the  only one endless,


ever bestowing are your

blessings and  grace…

Nurturing  the whole world,

 balancing the universe,

You are the master

of this creation…

Listening to cries of everyone,

erasing the worries ,

eradicating  the fears,

instilling courage ,

wiping their tears…

Showing everyone the real path,

holding every hand in case of storm,

letting free the mind for imaginations,

persuading them in their aspirations…

Creator of the universe,

Life of the cosmos,

Father of the existence,

blessed am I to be a petal of your florescence…


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