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Do not wither !

Do not wither O! season of unison! Wait until, I meet my love! Embrace thy lilies leap and kiss the clouds While I wait for my companion Remain here for sometime more my love shall arrive the air will be fragrant again The birds will sing and love the flight Sing! O! season of unison […]


Why do we have to close our eyes, as if nothing happened, the morning still looks fresh, even if the heart got trampled…? Why is it that we have to sing, the melodies sweet and cheery, when the song that rings in our ears, is a  severed sad  symphony…? Why do we take a step […]


What makes pain more painful! The sense of having the ache or the feeling of not being able to perfom the regular duties and responsibilities efficiently? The inefficiency of getting exhausted soon or the pressure that develops around the circumstances? Is it fearing or is the trouble of pain more fearing? For me! the pain […]


Festival of lights… Its Diwali today ,the colourful festival of lights.. Light -a source which expels darkness and illuminates our surroundings and us. In Indian culture , traditional diyas are used to light up every home . Every corner,every door and each passage is lighted! True! a corner always needs more light than anything else,for […]

Language of love

“I owe this to you,” screamed a voice, unheeding  the shadow vanished… following the steps and the marks left behind, a whining noise went ahead to search in the night…   Through  different bends and twists, on the pavements , beside the inns, wading through coloured lights, also in darkness… Still not found… pondered he  […]


For every loving daughter!  Few words from the  heart of a mother! My daughter is very small ,but today I wish to post about daughters from each corner of the world who have adorned their parents house with love and affection by their presence…                       […]

An embrace!

I wouldn’t mind holding you and losing myself in you, as the breath of air merges  and blends together, difficult to distinguish mine from yours… Close enough to feel the thundering beats , my pulse increases when they vibrate me… feelings intensify, compounding in multiples, emotions potent of great secure… stirring the mind are the […]


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