The Final meet

the earthly pastels saw the morning dawn, when the lush green meadows ran through the long stretches… met the flowing brook whilst on their way …little flowers bloomed and kissed the charming sway. the tiny weeds along the path brushed and saw the new grasses born… and far away a cry reaches another ear,miles apart […]


Ya! that’s what I seemed to love… the fluttering wings of the flying wonders brightly coloured, crafted exquisitely yellow patches in auburn imagery, a little imago loves to dance when the lovely breeze sways by chance!   Behold! gorgeous tiny beings on earth the wondrous butterflies flying over…   Have you ev’r come across their […]


Priceless than the costliest jewelthose which lie in the ravels of earth or in the deep waters of ocean, in the colours of the dancing peacock spreads who his magnificence within the deep jungles… under the grey clouds striking a featured contrast… precious than the million beauties of the universe, excelling the comparisons of human […]

I want to touch the rainbow!

There I leap to touch the bow, colourful and rich in grandeur, far it moves as I try… the rainbow floating in the sky!!! Like a hope of flying, as a little birdie, as a fluttering leaf of a winter chilly… strive I,to touch the ultraviolet, the nearest hue which seems over my head, Drizzled […]


            “Come back”, Spreading his arms he beckons!, “Embrace me with your presence, Without you , its just a waste, of life and the glittering pleasures…”   “Don’t turn your back”, He pleads, “I will listen to your suggestions, deriving joy from simple things.. will  now be my natural behaviour…” […]


    Buried deep beneath the storms of survival, losing the real scent of  affection, running and functioning with a dead brain’s  hammer, lost is the innocent smile we nurtured….   Struggling suffocating in smoke chambers, popping up pills for illness and assumed  dangers, have we  ever stopped and thought… What exactly is the  purpose […]


With heartiest thanks to Nezha from who nominated me for this very beautiful award .For me it means it implies the intensity with which I have touched anybody’s heart.       I too would like to name and nominate  few persons and blogs who have touched the chords of our heart in some way […]


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