Plough thy field!

Plough thy field , O! restless mind, barren is thy land make it fertile… rake up the soil undug the earth freshen thy surface for the sow… spread the seeds of the enchanting name Whose utterance will lift your veil O! ignorant mind, cultivate thy land let the virtuous arrive till then thy senses, recite […]

The Fallen Leaf!

The soul weeps in anguish falls the leaf from the branch    shockingly the flower is aghast “ Why Thou! You descend and collapse… Its still time before  death befalls….   “ tis the drop of the curse, The curse of the loved one, for whence I should separate from the branch of life…   […]


  Figuring out the thoughts in mind, pondering on what should I write! Nature,feelings,love,divine, Every thing seems lost in my festival time!   Hectic schedule, running on toes, in sleep too I get confused and rose… In the midst of the night, only to find I am over excited and full of delight!   New […]


Eyes go weary and the looks look void, For every glance the vision doesn’t define, there is nothing  that isn’t around, the gentle atmosphere is reverberating with poignant sound…   Imaginations conjure drawing lines of thought, what is envisaged is of  a different form, in darkness,whether in light, shining luminously the picture conceived so bright! […]


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