rumblings few cannot deter the elan the zeal borne out of enthusiasm and charm betwixt the intervals by trepid  interruptions wins the way , Thou! solitary heart… Thou, hath seen enough storms tornadoes that wreck and leave torn yet thy ship has sailed through turbulence , with faith and courage , in every voyage… when […]


while the mind gets narrowed with borders and limits the heart constricts suffocating emotions and sentiments regardless of realization acts a human foolish fanaticism becomes the idol of this age… Those extreme views which ne’er hath profited mankind shreds the skin with a scrape such thoughts guile and uncanny knoweth not this is not progress. […]


I, poverty, thy destitute figure of humanity, In rags and mud , I am strewn, Crushed by offsprings of  supremacy An illegitimate child of power , Iam, littered ,cluttered , scattered The bitter truth of the world, I, poverty, the homeless progeny… … of the created hypocrisy… Broods who in thousands , agonize in vacillating […]

The Final meet

the earthly pastels saw the morning dawn, when the lush green meadows ran through the long stretches… met the flowing brook whilst on their way …little flowers bloomed and kissed the charming sway. the tiny weeds along the path brushed and saw the new grasses born… and far away a cry reaches another ear,miles apart […]


                                                                                   ( Arresting the motion of  the dynamic flow, halts the progress of  a learning soul, clipping its wings , it lays chained, fluttering to fly over again!  . . Liberating the thoughts of restless  mind, extending the horizon beyond time, frees the clutched expressions lying dead  inside … . . Maneuvering the churning notions, […]


A plant beside I had seen, growing into a magnificent tree, Years of endurance reflecting, in the  hurricanes unseen! Small and delicate when  it was, it bent for a minute … to let pass the turbulent storm… through its gaps and its ends … without breaking in any form… While growing it became mightier, trunk […]


Its evening time and he walked down the street that went straight to the sandy shores. The hustle bustle of the town nearly fades away as the street bends around the edges and moves towards the golden beach.The crowd too starts disappearing as the road moves on. Rarely do people  walk across this road for […]


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