O! Thundering clouds!



O ! thundering clouds!

shower ! rain thy selfless love today!

in pain dances the alluring peacock…

amidst the jungle ,camouflaged

restless is its heart and the storming weather!

gazing at the grey clouds above

it awaits thy ecstatic drizzle

tired feet ,ache

as endless,becomes the  terpsichore…

The salve to the dreary feet

whilst it moves to the lilting tunes

is in your drops ,O ! sailing clouds!

Rain !

The peacock awaits today for your shower!

Vaidehi- The woman!

Sanctified flames, she had to with stand
to etch a mark of her pureness
without an inch of flesh burnt
her soul  inflamed for ages…
Immaculate heart ,she could show none,
her innocence became her sin
to have a heart sinless  in the world of devils,
she shed a tear, her heart bled,
yet the impeccable serene smile gleamed
her being had impregnable faith
she will be purged from the muck therein.
born as a princess, wed to an epitome
she wandered with him through forests
struggling through every means
to remain his  devoted…
Was it an offense,
that she was silent
and resilient ,
that she faces the pyre of apotheosis!


HI Everyone! I will be away from the blogspace for the next week ,as I would remain busy in the launch of the book ,

“Suroor of the Soul”.

Hope to catch you all up soon as I come back.Meanwhile enjoy the new poem  ” STALWART-THE DIVINE STAR“.
Till then,Best wishes and Happy blogging!

A stalwart,

yes !

stands the pillar of life…

strong and erect in harder times.,

leans the weaker and the meek,

in its resistance

they discover

resolution to the hope bleak…

Under the grey clouds ,the column too cries

along with the drops of rain

it sings the lullaby,

sleeps the world ,oblivious of the scene…

morning comes..

and gasps one,

” Oh ! See the paint of the pillar isn’t tough nor fixed ! “

gapes the pillar and absorbs the shock,

for its duty is to stand like a rock!

what the world speaks ... and their remarks…

nothing should forbid the stalwart

from being an uncompromising divinely star! 

Winner at NaNoWriMo- 2013

Hi everyone !

I am so happy and delighted to announce that I have completed  the challenge of writing a novel for  NaNoWriMo in flat 30 days . They have declared me as the winner because I was able to finish off in time . Its a great feeling to have achieved the goal ,as I always felt I didn’t have that patience of writing a novel.But this time I did try to push myself. For that I stayed away from WordPress for long and so missed many of the posts of my favourite bloggers.Yet I feel I can now catch up with everything,meanwhile you can read the short fiction,on the given link.

The beautiful badge as a NaNoWriMo winner makes me feel great and happy!


Catch up with the story here when you have time and please share your views too for my first attempt to write a novel…


Thanks to everyone for being so patient with me and to encourage me forever!



What lies forth !

round the bend,where I can’t see!

A blind corner ,

a cliff dangerous,

a valley of flowers

or a dangerous rift!

Is the river flooded,

Can I cross it without oars,

will there be a boat for me

or shall the shore reach beneath my feet in seconds!!!

Is there a palace awaiting my presence

Is there a hut to shelter me in storm,

Will I ever get a tree

when I walk in the scorching sun for long!

Is this my path ,where I tread,

on which I step upon,

or was it around the last corner,

which I left across?

Restless mind, flickering flame

fickle thoughts shall ruin in vain,

brighten the dimmed light of hope

in my  heart !

O! My lord ! with your grace,

Till I walk on the road of destiny

with belief in mind and heart full of faith.


 The current situation in Syria is the one of the worst of ever happened in mankind. There have been other wars too but here the total number of children that have succumbed to the tunnels of death are enormous.There is never an end to the discussion or any kind of explanation regarding such outbreak of war but the fact remains is people are suffering and so are children.And that is the worst and the most helpless part! I dedicate these few lines to the land and soul of Syria!

Weeps the land of Al Sham,

An eerie silence follows the enormous explosion


There’s no other  ammunition left,

cried the children ,in fear they fled

wandering through the lanes of dead

some searching for their kith,

Rest onlooked their kin getting  slayed…


Millions sleep to the ultimate rest

How come the heart doesn’t shred

bullets shot from whose guns…

is that what fetches the wrenched bargain!!!


Were they the saviors of the land ,       

or the ones who rebelled…

Unscathed wounds now bare

The deep secrets of the selfish humans…


Who holds the throne, golden embellished,

coated with scarlet blood of friends

What use the game of power

like pawns if treated in game of chess,

if the future of earth is marked with terror

What reign and regime the realm save?


For now the nation burns ablaze

innocents die a merciless death…

The future lies in darkness

helpless  brood  fall

like scattered

Under  Sarin ,the chemical weapon

Stop ! O! Mercenaries’

of  the blood

…open thy inner eyes for a second

Listen to the depths of your voice

Does it allow such massacre!!!

photocredit: www.latitudenews.com 

A girl stands on debris next to a damaged building at a besieged area of Homs





strewn and scattered on the green grass ,

amidst the pearls of dew drops

silken white whorls

steal my glance

as the night silently resonates in advance

diffuse the jasmine flowers in air ,

their eternal fragrance…


beneath the shrub of life,

when the breeze swayed to fall them free

bedecked the night blooming lovers

the carpet of the satin …


bees and butterflies crave for

such beautified romance

the radiant moon watches them

with ardent looks and fluorescence.


dazzles the firefly around the branch

sparkle the petals fallen by chance

inebriating the breathe  of night

smiles the bunch of jasmine on the lawn…


photocredit: www.flowerspictures.org



HI ! Everyone!

As all are aware that I was on a vacation to my homeland,I would like to share with you few captured moments of a trip to Goa.

Goa is an exotic land of beaches,green pastures,resorts,discotheques and casinos!

What fascinates me is the beauty that lies in the waters and the landscape .

Have a look and enjoy!

Our place of stay!

Our place of stay!

droplets of water!

droplets of water!

There were numerous temples in the area which to my surprise were really beautiful and sculptured finely.

a local temple

a local temple



Another temple of Lord Ganesh

Another temple of Lord Ganesh

sparkling abode of the Lord

sparkling abode of the Lord

Beaches of Goa hold a special place in everyone’s heart. You cannot count on fingertips the number beaches that it proudly possesses. Even though we could not cover the whole series,many of the important were visited.

Anjuna beach

Anjuna beach

Vagator beach

Vagator beach

Beside Taj Aguada

Beside Taj Aguada

Sequiem beach

Sequiem beach




the glow of the skyline!

the glow of the skyline!

Authentic seafood is one of the best that we can relish here.

The stay at Goa was a refreshing one and my kids enjoyed the trip as well.


My elder one!

my lil one!

my lil one!


climbers white and delicate

flowery intrinsic

entwine me with beauty

seducing my stillness.


slender hands I raise and bend

along the tendril with gait

touch of whose thrills my sense

like the soft breeze in ardor…


intertwines the coloured climber

my body in numerous twirls

tresses flow shyly

in glamour…

as the flowers kiss the

white laced

the statuette of love stood

pure immaculate,flawless

spotless with fragrance new

the soul gets dipped in

the lake… reflecting the virtuous moon.


harboured  the loving climber

with a passionate hold

embraced,the heart sighs

in breath of interlaced love.





With my heartbeats , I can hear
The pulse of your vibration
In every breath that I take
is hidden
the thought
of your eternal emotion.


Whilst showered the clouds
A drizzle to wet myself all over
I awaited to be drenched
in your sinuous passion forever.


And as I utter these meaningless words
in the flowing stream
I realize I have infused you
In my reminiscences and my dreams!


O ! Dreams ! Listen to the music
the heart plays
in rhythm of graceful love
it dances and sways!


As the serene breeze
utters my name
I bloom in shyness..

while thy touch becomes
the harp to echo
the song of happiness!