The lonely nightingale !

whence shall I be freed from the bondage of destiny in blind clutches, tied securely with strings Breathlessly the body sinks, ageing with the duties endlessly… the cluster of orchids drooped whilst I was busy in the chores of world not once I got to touch the enchanteur failed the effort… nothing earned… why does […]

THE HIGHLAND LASS !   O! Nifty , delicate highland lass, beneath your trampled feet lies my heart carefully walk and ride the horse somewhere on the moorland , my soul drags along…whip when you , the lazy horse watch the lengthy rope moving in tangent harms and sheds the cluster of flowers pink those which hung from […]


Who knoweth the serrated pangs of the piercing of poisoned dart Alas! it pierced and pierced. That nostalgia of the suffocating breath memories flash in  visuals history held the pen in hand  bleed the pages… prior being written. the shrill and softness of the yearn the quivering voice ,lost in sunburn, drips through the sides […]

Truth of Life

TRUTH OF LIFE   It’s the truth of life,what we crave for is lost , like the golden particles of sand, that slide between the fingers, even from a tight fist… what we cannot hold , is the truth of time. That which flows like a stream open, unended, unclosed, incessant, like the love of […]


How will the silence articulate while the vacuumed chamber resonates the ache of your memories… how shall the heart live while the deep abyss inside pines for thee… whence the smile reappear while the soul is craving for thee in the chasm.

“I & my solitary creeper”

The fortress is my companion, its walls my confidante within the fortified ramparts lie ,I and my solitary creeper. It clings to a side with a desire to feel the warmth I, lost and abandoned look for an auspice … together we bind knot ourselves in a string hope where swings light shines … Hail […]

AGE   Age gracefully as, the day transforms which beautifully into  twilight ripens the sky with different hues while  breeze gets pleasant at dusk after being sultry , mature thus like the day which merges with  darkness of night silently awaiting for the new morn to be dawned sleeping in its arms gently !


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