DEATH I simmer in the boiling emotions of past Oh! death ! it isn’t that easy to sleep in thy arms, before the world awakens in duty is immersed my heart. Would thou ever survive a second in such life , craving for a glance… Oh ! death! thou ignorant of the mortal ways of […]


Who knows thou! sings the baul his fingers struck the single chord the solo of duality , he hums in remnants of the grief stricken some old souls, few shattered and broken Oh ! does it require to be a tatterdemalion or a ramshackle old pier to whisper the tunes of eternal weather while plays […]


alive remain we, until grounded, in depths of soil, as we are rooted. a moment takes to uproot the base, dry the leaves of existence, life devastates.    


Thee , the emperor of the cosmos, one who reigns the galaxy, The pristine nature  blushes  on his glance… whose tears flow on earth  as sacred Ganges, To thee! I salute,  who visions the creation… .. Soul of mine , thine art, Thou colours have painted … with the emblazoned emotions …whence shimmers my heart… […]


PAINTING On fingertips , smudged is colour of the ethereal , rouging over a blank canvas images of illusory candidness emerge… gradual strokes, the tender touch makes silky smoothed the texture violets, scarlets,lavenders,carmines, sapphires,turquoise brighten the alluring render… a song reverberates in the chamber pounds where the heart in thunder, miss I the enchanter the […]

The silvery streak !

through the broken pane of thy window, peeps the silvery streak glows thine radiance in luminous waves why doth it then steal the charm of thy cheeks, knoweth it not, thou art mine, mingles it in thy silken locks, rusheth out quickly, hiding behind the grey peaks …


rumblings few cannot deter the elan the zeal borne out of enthusiasm and charm betwixt the intervals by trepid  interruptions wins the way , Thou! solitary heart… Thou, hath seen enough storms tornadoes that wreck and leave torn yet thy ship has sailed through turbulence , with faith and courage , in every voyage… when […]


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