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Lie down , on the soft green grass.
The silken carpet is spread for you
for you to rest
on the cosy emerald
 with ease and  comfort …
The gardener tonight watered the weeds
Lo! It transformed into a satin sheet..,
How much he cares ,
Do you realize…
He snipped off the rough edges
while you sleep…
Open your eyes ,
absorb the beauty..
The vast sky spreads its arms with care…
The gardener awaits …
till you wake up…
a thousand flowers  embrace your season…
with ravishing dew drops
will the jewels shine…
 your soul and heart  forgets
There is a gardener to water,
The Garden of your life!
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  1. Inspiring words, Soumya. Let’s keep the gardener in our heart alive so that flowers adorning our life bloom:)

    • True Vishal. Thanks a lot for sharing your view as well

  2. Wonderful Soumya :)

    • Thank you Gys. Its lovely to see you here. Hope you are well and fine

  3. An amazing metaphor here, Soumyav! Flowers and life and wowowowow!!

  4. Beautiful poem Soumyav! We need to be in a state of awareness to appreciate nature’s bounty. A bounty offered to us by the supreme gardener.
    Thank you and cheers :)

    • Thank you Sir.Indeed we need to realize what we have and value it . The sense of gratitude towards everyone and the supreme one makes us more aware of the bounty he offers.

  5. helooooo .. how are you doing.

    that is a lovely poem.

  6. This is mesmerizing! Penned really well :)

  7. All of your work is award worthy!

    • My god Shawn ! You have already rewarded me by saying this!

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