Did the morning dawn knew

I was wide awake the previous night

searching for the luminescent light

that which illumines me forever….

How come  then the sun rose

Earlier than ever

My Lord  must have noticed

my fumbling in the dark

at the odd hours…

HE takes care,HE is concerned,

A thorn pricks me and HE is hurt

So why do  then, I be afraid

Of the long tedious unseen desert

When HE showers the rain of love

When I’m lost and falling with thirst….

This morning dawned

earlier than ever…

HE hath sent the Sun to me,

to guide me through the obscure

and motivate me in every endeavor

infusing strength and vigour…

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  1. The union of two souls divinely glorified by you leaves a lasting impression on the mind of the readers. Certainly a nice one. By the way, please re-read your line “He hath send the Sun to me” and make necessary correction if you so deem fit.

  2. My words may sound the same but not the thought within…simply beautiful Soumyav. This is you at your best…you bring such smiles to life with your words! God bless!

    • Iam so humbled by your words Wendell. Feel blessed that Iam able to pen the words those touch hearts.

    • Thank you so much Subhan. Been a very very long time since I heard of you. Hope you are fine and so is your work.

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