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Hi everyone,

So finally the book “Suroor of the Soul ” got launched in India and dispersed the fragrance of the divine love everywhere .A wonderful event and an equally exciting one, I would like to share few pictures of the occasion .


DSCF9160 DSCF9162 IMG_20131221_230146

Hope you enjoyed the few glimpses of the wonderful event!

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  1. It might have been certainly a mega event and I feel too glad to hear about this. All the best as always.

    • Manymany thanks Sir. Indeed it was wonderful and really great to meet everyone from the literary field in person

  2. Excellent Celebration. Great event, in fact. Congratulations.

  3. Excellent Celebration. Great event, in fact. Congratulations.

  4. congratulations! best wishes, very best wishes!!

    • Thank you very much Sharmishtha.. Been a very hectic time for me,,where i have missed many updates from the blog

  5. Congrats Soumya and u made it. I can see u met Rekha:)

    • thanks Vishal..yes I met Rekha..and it really wonderful meeting her after knowing her for so long on the blogspace

  6. Congratulations! Good work … best wishes for the new year!

    • Thank you very much Aparna and wish you too a wonderful new year

  7. Yea, I enjoy the photo especially our smile :-)


  8. Reblogged this on Diary of a mind and commented:

    Glimpses from the event of my book’s launch

  9. Lovely, Soumya:)

  10. Congratulations, Soumya! And thank you for sharing those wonderful moments with us here! :)

    • Thank you Ese! and IAm glad I could share few of them here.

  11. Behtareen!
    Congratulations — Soumya!
    It is always a great time for a writer when he/she goes to holding that silvered mic at the crowd to hear him/her for the book!
    Be happy always.

    • Thank you always for the wishes Rafi! Yes its true,its a moment of esteemed honour for the person and gratitude towards the Almighty for letting me part of it.

  12. Congratulations. :)

  13. Congratulation Soumyav. very happy for you.

    • Thank you so much Indiraji. Thanks for joining here.

  14. Hey hearty Congratulations… !!! <3 so happy for you Soumya :D :D finally you did it!!! great!! and I saw Rekha ji too :) :) great!! :) all the best… :)

  15. Congratulations my sister! Such a wonderful and beautiful day for you! God bless!

    • Mnay thanks Wendell for your words of encouragement

  16. Congrats !
    Big day indeed !!!
    Many more to come !!

  17. Congratulations
    with regards

  18. Congratulations Soumya, that’s wonderful! :) And a heartfelt thank you for spreading the love, light and inspiration around the world! Lots of blessings for the new year! :) xx

    • thanks a lot Tatiana..Iam glad the message of love ad light shall spread more when you too have joined in here. Thanks for the wishes and you have a new year too

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