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What lies forth !

round the bend,where I can’t see!

A blind corner ,

a cliff dangerous,

a valley of flowers

or a dangerous rift!

Is the river flooded,

Can I cross it without oars,

will there be a boat for me

or shall the shore reach beneath my feet in seconds!!!

Is there a palace awaiting my presence

Is there a hut to shelter me in storm,

Will I ever get a tree

when I walk in the scorching sun for long!

Is this my path ,where I tread,

on which I step upon,

or was it around the last corner,

which I left across?

Restless mind, flickering flame

fickle thoughts shall ruin in vain,

brighten the dimmed light of hope

in my  heart !

O! My lord ! with your grace,

Till I walk on the road of destiny

with belief in mind and heart full of faith.

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  1. Sometimes it’s the not knowing that’s the fun part. Great writing.

  2. Marvelous revelations, sweet and lovely as always.

  3. Brilliant!

  4. Full of faith… yes, that really is the only way to get through the winding road… Well penned!

  5. Beautiful poem my sister! Blessings!

  6. Beautiful poem.

  7. Soulful and love the positive thoughts full of hope in ur writing:)

  8. this could show me how am I placed with my faith. Thanks

    • Than you Karthik,Glad to see you here. And more happy to know you felt connected with the words and the thought behind it . :-)

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