In thy mystic heaven
I discover the hues
rustic,celestial and ethereal
stroke of the azure
appears golden at your horizon ..
Thy! Golden embellished love
of the soul,
your radiance dazzles my vision,
in the dark eyes of thy mystery,
 I find jewels of every birth’s treasure!
To thy voice! I lend my ears,
the spirit within awakens,
tis’ the enchanting exuberance
of my existence…
when thou sings praises
of Thee in a resonating  rhythm…
The sands over the pyramids blow…
revealing thy true figure,
yet the world loves thee
as a mystical corporeal!
When dawns the magical sun…
on the crest of the predestined ordeal,
Glance thou! O ! skies!
with your shimmering grandeur..
the unified unison
of the two angels…
who meet in another heaven!
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