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“And let me rest for a while
on your strong shoulders,
with my hands in yours
I wish to be in heaven…
for ages ,we have been apart
through times we have died
       now reborn,
ablaze the passion still inside
of the lost love especial…”
twin souls of the eternal fire
separated on birth
kindle and invoke Thou
to be eternally together…
a flower blossomed then falls
   from the tresses of the maiden
 leaving fragrance in  her hair
    it smiles in chaste….
“Such beauteous journey  of life
as one flame we want  to traverse,
unified and combined ,
We the part of thy creation…”
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  1. Journey of life can be incomplete without the unity of two bodies, hearts, minds and souls. Sheer beauty and magnetic, Soumya:)

    • Thank you VIshal for sharing your thought!

  2. “And let me rest for a while
    on your strong shoulders,
    with my hands in yours
    I wish to be in heaven…”

    Loved it. :-)

  3. Your poem is so romantic and deeply soulful….a beautiful treasure my sister!

    • Iam really happy you read the deep insight behind the soulful lines. Thank you Wendell for your inspiring words.

    • Isabella Rose Photography
    • Posted September 17, 2013 at 9:14 pm
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    This is just so beautiful, Soumya. It touched me deep inside and brought tears to my eyes. Bless you ♥

    • Iam so very humbled your words Isabella. Thanks for your blessings.

  4. Very beautiful reflection

  5. Beautiful written… :-)

  6. Such is proof of the divine – twin souls – that across lives, across miles, across eternities – love returns to the home it never left from. Beautiful, my friend. ~ Always, Bobbie

    • you beautifully stated it Bobbie! The gist of my lines!

  7. Very romantic and sweet… if love was always easy… that’s how it would be

    • Its never easy Bjorn! Yet we always wish it to be so! Thanks for being here!

  8. What beauty! Thank you.

    • So nice to see you liked it! You are most welcome

  9. Soumyav, your beautiful and touching words are testament of a wise soul, dedicated to make us aware of this eternal and endless love which is all around us, just waiting to be discovered :)

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you so much Claudia for visiting here and the wonderful views about the poem.

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