A Song of heart!

Shreds the veins of the heart

dripping scarlet blood

the piercing words

thy uttered

killing the soft bosom…


nurture I the flower of dreams,

crush you with your

crumbled speech

shies away the bud thence,

away from the world so mean…


Hitherto to be plucked by the withering time

the moment to perish hasn’t arrived

seasons change in despair

cries the soul in love,profound.


Hail ! thy wind

Halt! thy clouds

listen to the wounded core’s shout,

can you absorb the pain and

sing before the Lord!

what should the soul pray for

Peace,Tranquil,or Joy,

Happiness to cherish

or Love from her thou!!!



24 comments on “A Song of heart!

  1. Very resonating words, Soumya. You express the music of the heart in a subtle, compassionate, and instructive way using the budding flower as a metaphoric front. Beautiful pic, btw.

  2. Joy, I mean ecstasy, springs up only from the peace with tranquility. You have described it with a serene touch, Soumya.

  3. A very nice read. >KB

  4. The soul is caught between the devil and the deep blue sea;
    It shall stir itself to greatness after braving the storm;
    Faced with bruises and scars, the soul shall relish victory.
    You made it so flawless, Soumya:)

  5. First 5 lines capture it all – well presented

  6. Always special to embrace a poem of yours as the new day begins! Blessings my sister!

  7. You sing a song surely every heart can understand, Soumyav. ~ Ever love, Bobbie

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