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HI ! Everyone!

As all are aware that I was on a vacation to my homeland,I would like to share with you few captured moments of a trip to Goa.

Goa is an exotic land of beaches,green pastures,resorts,discotheques and casinos!

What fascinates me is the beauty that lies in the waters and the landscape .

Have a look and enjoy!

Our place of stay!

Our place of stay!

droplets of water!

droplets of water!

There were numerous temples in the area which to my surprise were really beautiful and sculptured finely.

a local temple

a local temple



Another temple of Lord Ganesh

Another temple of Lord Ganesh

sparkling abode of the Lord

sparkling abode of the Lord

Beaches of Goa hold a special place in everyone’s heart. You cannot count on fingertips the number beaches that it proudly possesses. Even though we could not cover the whole series,many of the important were visited.

Anjuna beach

Anjuna beach

Vagator beach

Vagator beach

Beside Taj Aguada

Beside Taj Aguada

Sequiem beach

Sequiem beach




the glow of the skyline!

the glow of the skyline!

Authentic seafood is one of the best that we can relish here.

The stay at Goa was a refreshing one and my kids enjoyed the trip as well.


My elder one!

my lil one!

my lil one!


  1. Amazing photos captured… :-)

  2. Oh, what a wonderful trip, Soumya! Beautiful pictures, my dear! :-)

    • Thanks Marina.Yes the trip was relaxing in the lap of nature!

  3. Excellent photographs, inspiring and invigorating. Wish you more of enjoying the beautiful moments.

    • MY pleasure Sir that you liked the photos . So nice of you to wish similar times for me. Thanks a lot!

  4. Superb clicks… hope you had a great time :)

  5. Amazing shots of Goa yaar. You making me missing Goa, Truly Goa:) Love the beach pics. the lil’ daughter is so cute and the dude is handsome::)

    • Thank you so much . Shall convey your message to them They will be happy to hear the compliment. Beaches are a treat Of Goa.

      • Have u visited Palolem Beach in Konkana? It’s an amazing place and not just the the rural village peaceful environment:)

        • Dnt remember,might have been during my last visit!

  6. These are great clicks, nice job :)

    • Thank you Swati for being here and enjoying the pics!

  7. Super pictures! Now we know where you get your awesome inspiration from…’s ‘home-grown’

    • :-) Udo, the pics were only of the place that I visited.Its my homeland ,but not my hometown.Yet ur right,my country is rich in the scenic natural beauty

  8. Fabulous collection of pictures, my dear. I am sure you had a wonderful time back in your homeland, and it’s great to see you back. :)

    • Sure Ese! It was a good time! Specially when u get to go closer to nature! Glad to see loved them!

  9. Beautiful Goa….wish to spend my next vacations here..!!! :)

    • Yes Megha! You would surely love the place and the cuisine + the fun.

  10. IT’s SO beautiful especially after the rain!

    • Really Jasmine! The rains almost add more beauty to the rawness and greenery of the place. Good to hear from you! Hope ur doing fine!

  11. Thank you for the trip through your photos, Soumyav :)

    • Welcome GYs! Its great to have you here again after long!

  12. Beautiful places and beautiful faces…………what a treasure, these days. Thank you for sharing, Soumyav. ~ Always love, Bobbie

    • My pleasure Bobbie in sharing those with u! :-)

  13. Thank you for sharing exotic beautiful pictures of Goa! I enjoyed looking at them, and seemed like I was there too!

    • My pleasure in sharing the moments with you through my photos! Iam so glad you liked them

  14. Such beautiful pictures, Soumya!! :)

    • Thanks Tapish! Good to see u after long!

      • Yes I am fighting hard with my routine, to get back here…

  15. Beautifully captivating images…that always seemed to live deep in every word you share anyway! I love the peace and serenity that shines from each shot. You captured the moments so very well…I am glad you are back and sharing your gems again Soumyav! Hugs and blessings to you and your family my sister!

    • Thank you Wendell for your wonderful blessings and wishes ! Iam touched that my words have always been a source of happiness for you. Thanks for enjoying the pictures as well

  16. Lovely share…Goa is truly beautiful!

  17. breathtaking — beautiful snaps!

    • Isabella Rose Photography
    • Posted August 28, 2013 at 12:32 pm
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    • Reply

    Lovely photos, Soumya. Glad you enjoyed your vacation. Blessings dear friend. ♥

    • Much happier to see you here Lizzie! Hope ur also doing fine! Have to catch up with your posts soon. Thanks for your wishes!

  18. Lovely pictures Soumya! Monsoons are delightful aren’t they? Glad you had a lovely time.

    • true Aparna! Yes they are often good unless the waterlogging and other problems dnt start :-)

  19. Thankyou for sharing these! Goa is indeed beautiful. Love the beach view…..and your kids look sooo cute!

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