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Purple lilacs shone at the saffron horizon

Fallen dusk of twilight reminds

of a promise lying stagnant

in waters of derision…

nothing clears the scum

from a moribund layer

pleasant breeze pricked my skin

missed I the precious moments

when we lived together …

The enchanting moon glides and moves

in the ocean of sky

I stand beside the gate of death

awaiting you in every sigh

for the final communion to say

the world a goodbye.


  1. Delightful! The lyrics touched my heart. Thank you for sharing!
    Big hugs, much love, Stefania! :)

  2. Soumya, u often speak ma thoughts..super love and let’s enjoy the moment:)

  3. Double satisfaction….beautiful poem and Purple magic! Thanks and thanks.

  4. Why are you leaving your blog? Or did I misunderstand. Oh, I get it. Why don’t you like bacon?

    • :-) :-) just a verse ,Edward! And yes ,I surely dnt eat bacons… :-)

  5. Wonderful! I

  6. Really like your poem.

  7. Beautiful written… :-)

  8. O, Soymyav, this one takes my breath away. I love it. ~ Bobbie

  9. Lovely poem expressing touching sentiments. The Purple flowers are a perfect fit too.

    Many thanks.

  10. heart-rending poem .Still it doesn’t fail to draw a smile on my face page :) gorgeous word painting

    • I like it tht this still leaves a smile for you!

  11. really awesome

    • Thanks Suneesh for your visit and the kind words

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