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What knoweth the single  strand

of a saffron

amidst the trio of carpels

it hath the colour and essence

invigorating life with exotic fragrance.

timidly smiling at the sun

blooms the flower

perfuming  waters exotic for  Cleopatra Gorgeous

instilling  life through medicines of Gaza for years

as an offering exquisite for divine and the spiritual..



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  2. One very amazing blog. Thank you for sharing this with us. Blessings, Barbara

  3. They are so good for cooking.

    • Yes,I missed that ,the aroma which transforms the normal dish into a delicacy.

      • I bought some and mix it with rice. Yummy.

        • Yeah ! I know it really tastes fav too while cooking special rice dishes.

  4. Your powerful and aesthetic poems render my comments redundant:)

    • And I look forward to hear from you about them more and more!

  5. Saffron is one of my favorites – such a soft exotic essence. Beautiful, Soumyav. ~ Bobbie

    • It softly touches our hearts with the essence and fragrance. a mute flower with varied effects I must say!

  6. …and I am craving sweet saffron milk! Beautiful dedication to this royal spice

    • Yes thts is the most delicious and exotic drink! Thanks for joining

  7. lovely

  8. Kaise soch lete ho ye sab, I don’t get it :(

  9. Aromatic poem, nice.

  10. My thoughts went directly to a song by Donovan who penned a song about “Saffron”. Only this was a person. Yet both his music and your words describe a wonderful and beautiful image that seems to stay in ones mind. Very Nice. I have enjoyed all your work even though I sometimes do not say it.
    Thank You for this beautiful piece.

    • Thank you James. Its really happy to see you enjoying my lines and his music together . My pleasure to know that you have liked my verses and look forward for it .

  11. This was lovely and so is the photo

  12. Nice Feelings!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Well deliberative expressions!\m/


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