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A shriek from the realms of the heart
Echoes down within the veins
Swiping away the sweet melody
now breathes  the saddened symphony….
Bruises unseen felt ,when touched
respire through the open wounds,
The salve to soothen the lesion
Has vanished in the dark…
Words of comfort can't
calm the ache, as a sojourn
cannot blossom the flowers
Of a dying barren state…

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  1. was looking for ur post:) Hows sunday?

    • Thanks ! Was fine..its never a weekend here on sunday,.a usual working day

  2. [ Smiles ] You never fail to impress me with your wonderful poetry.

  3. Words of comfort can’t calm the ache, as a sojourn cannot blossom the flowers of a dying barren state…… wow!

  4. sad but beautiful just the same…… Love, Bobbie

  5. Oh so sad, and yet so tender…

  6. Lovely poem Soumya! There is nice flow with a simple rhythm.

    • Glad to see you here Aparna enjoying the flow!

  7. respire through the open wound! amazing

  8. How beautifully u express the psychological pain…..which can only be felt inside. Words can not calm the ache….

    • You say it perfectly while you read the lines Rachna!

  9. this is so true and beautiful!

  10. Isn’t it quite words of mine?? :)
    Connected I felt! :)

    • :-) You get connected easily to those sad ones more faster!

      • Yes! In fact, I have started to believe that prolonged exposure to Sadness makes a man prone to sadness, more than happiness ! :(

        • At last you realized ! :-D ..better late than never! ;-)

  11. Nice poem.

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