WRITTEN FOR ERMILIA’s BLOG-PICTURE IT AND WRITE! http://wp.me/p1HrCI-11k This is an old poem but I felt  it befitted the picture prompt !










Laps of oscillatory movements,

with moments as fulcrum of  thoughts,

the ropes of bonds and love,

seated on the emotions crushed…


Here sways the swing of life with rhythm…


Darkness prevails engulfing the light,

visibility diminishes , weakening the mind,

a lantern of hope burns and illumines,

the path untrodden …untraversed in life…


In such a way sways the swing of life in rhythm…


Pivot of the spirit , we decide,

accordingly the living takes the ride,

Dangling with the  strings of  our deeds,

Swinging against the wind is a newness we find!


Thus ! sways the swing of life!


Swaying beautifully ,flowing is  the swing of life!

In rhythm it moves and sweeps!

gently touching the air divine,

 infinitesimally making  our presence shine!




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  1. :) … You deserve every bit of the praise … trust me ma’am … no exaggeration!!! :) … Anyway I actually loved this one .. thank you!

  2. Indeed Soumyav, this does fit the picture nicely…
    So delicate is your appreciation of life as it swings rhythmically touching the air divine…
    Would that be the understanding of all upon our planet; we would surely live in peaceful harmony…..!

    • Am really touched that you liked the lines and could feel the depth of it! Indeed such understanding would help us all to live peacefully

  3. If only everyone swung to the rhythm of life. I love how you repeat the word swing but not in the literal sense of the word. Very creative and uplifting piece! Thanks for contributing this week to Picture it & write. :)


    • Am so glad you liked the lines and could sense the meaning behind it with perfection ! Happy to be a part of the ‘Picture it and write”

  4. In a swing, sometimes we are at amplitude and equal times we are at low, but the mood is always high. It goes on refreshing as swing goes on…
    Lovely poem.

    • Thank you so much! Yes our life moves as the swings and we are on the top sometimes or at the bottom,irrespective of which life moves like a swing in its own rhythm

  5. This was so thorough, it was almost formulaic, which I hope is a compliment. I’m a bad judge of poetry but I’m pretty sure this is a good one.

    I had this thought: that when visibility diminishes, that is when my mind is the strongest!

    • So truly said Anne! We tend to be more firm when the path is getting vanished… Thanks for being here and for liking

  6. wonderfully done Soumyav! :) this was perfect for the photo… a lovely interpretation

  7. Amazing the colors we reflect when the light shines through us…….. :) I love this, Soumyav. ~ Ever, Bobbie

  8. Yeah, the swing of life :-)
    Thank you on behalf of Daylight Tune Ministry for liking our acrostic poetry :-)

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