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Days of  melancholic past

brushed aside

as I wiped the

 memory aghast

Like the written words

on a board

white or black

get erased

with the duster …

I  effaced

the old life

of my thoughts

with  tender touch

of my palm…

A new surface

appeared before


transparent more,

I tried to touch it with

my fingers

feeling the

gentleness of the nimble…

I grinned

at the refreshed  layer

a reflection

I saw very clear

Of my dreams

my aspirations alive…

I got

another chance

to live the life

the way

I like!

Written for Picture it & Write!

Picture it & Write XVI | The Eclectic Eccentric Shopaholic

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  1. Oh, this is quite lovely……..and such a perfect translation of the picture…….. Very well done, Soumyav. ~ Love, Bobbie

  2. thank you so much for the Ping BAck!!!

  3. So lovely written – sometimes we have to brush “dust” away to find the solution or the path forward… ;-)

    • Yes exactly,we need to brush the past aches,we do need to wipe the existing dust of thoughts in order to start afresh or have new perspective ! Thanks Drake

  4. Lovely…. “another chance to live the life the way I like.”
    Deeply satisfying is that thought…
    I loved your writing… :)

  5. Love it!

  6. beautiful writing.. very liberating.. and yes, perfect for the image

    • Thank you dear! Had been a long time since I did any prompt and just jumped into this last night! good you liked dear

  7. You deserve a book deal. I love your poetry!

    • :-) Thanks Shawn! great to hear the priceless thoughts!

  8. Another true pearl of yours, my friend.

    • I love the way you compared and gave a metaphor to my poem! ! :-)

  9. beautiful poem ..i loved it.

  10. Your message
    “…to ‘live the life

    the way

    I like!”
    is much more significant.

    • :-) Thanks Sir! just a verse to complement the picture! I could think of only those when I saw the prompt picture!

  11. Sometimes when I am reading early in the morning, I wonder what it would be like not to see and embrace your words each morning…i hate to think about it…you are always refreshing to my heart and spirit my sister. Thanks again for such a lovely poem and message! God bless!

    • So nice of you Wendell to give my poems a special place in your daily routine and life! Iam glad they touch you !

  12. the picture and poem complement each other.

  13. Nicely written :)

  14. Much said with words too little…Yessssss, we need to erase n look ahead

  15. Very nicely knitted up…!!!

    • Thank you Megha for being here and liking this!

  16. Such an apt description of picture, which is lovely in itself.

    • Thank you Meenakshi! It was a picture prompt ,for which this was my response!

  17. Lovely ” another chance to live the life”. beautiful lines nicely Picturised

    • Thank you very much! The lines were for a picture prompt!

  18. nice framed with beautiful words….simply amazing

  19. well done… ! beautiful poem ….

  20. I was dragged outs around. I was embarrassed. I have not been chuye samahimaya me. Thank you poet.

  21. I love the hopeful way the poem ends – here’s to living a second chance worth of life!

    • True Christy! we all live in the hope of having a blessed and peaceful life and sometimes think of reliving it!

  22. Beautiful darling!! Just lovely.. ~ Jen

    • Thank you so much ! Shall be on your blog soon! :-)

    • Thank you so much Ruby! loved the appreciation!

      • Enjoy my dear! Have a blessed Sunday! :)

  23. Great blog!

  24. Beautiful expressions. :-)
    Thank you for liking my poem ‘Past Mistakes’. :-)

    • welcome and my pleasure to be there! :-)

      • My pleasure also to read your blog :-)

  25. just loved, loved, loved it!

  26. Beautifully released, Soumya. In the flow, one can live. :)

  27. I love how your words brought to life the picture.

    Thank you for visiting my blog today. I appreciate the time you took to stop by. May your day be filled with joy and peace.

    • My pleasure dear for being on yours to have a peep into the wonderful world.You too have a great day

  28. Absolutely beautiful. Have a wonderful weekend, my friend.
    Love & Light, S

    • JK Bevill - Lost Creek Publishing
    • Posted April 7, 2013 at 8:49 pm
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    Reblogged this on lost creek publishing.

  29. impressive:)

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