As the curls unfold, revealing thy nature,

a soft bosom is


 silently in

heart’s essence.

hard kernel visualized

and the hidden interior

soft smiles…

protruded like branches

piercing like thorn

the patience pays

when the hand touches the

rose after long!

Slowly and gently

picking and plucking

the prickles

it reaches the centre of attraction!

A solitaire takes years

to form,

forget not

it was

merely  a black coal

for long!



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    • It was just a random write up..wthout a second thought I just went on! sometimes it does touch!

  1. Too much for my peanut sized brain, really :)
    And that is quite an achievement…. Keep it up

  2. Where Prose can no more express what the heart says, realm of poetry and music begins. well done Soumya, once again.

  3. Beautiful! Patience is really a virtue. I am amazed every time at way you observe things around which are surely reflected in all these amazing poems.

    • Its our observation and the inspiration from such small things which makes our life more beautiful.Thank you dear for liking this

  4. At the core of every beautiful thing, a spark of perfect imperfection. Beautiful, Soumyav and so very true! ~ Love, Bobbie

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