A drop of the sweet  honey

has  million of atoms…

Of love and the amorous communion…

A tale of  ardor  feelings

Of  the gorgeous flower and bee,

Or a ripened fruit tasted by the bee while in its dream…

Basking in the florescence,

dancing to the tunes amorous,

savor the sapidness

dipped in the ecstasy of nectar,

the Queen bee emanates,

the essence of the eternal

dwelling in each molecule of the air!

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  1. That was so sensuous, I think I am going to have to buzz around a flower and drink some nectar! ;)

  2. Beautiful picture and wonderful words. You remind me there is a purpose and i must stop swatting at the bees… Have a great day!! mary

    • And so do I always get fascinated by the beauty of a flower,it speaks in volumes,which requires umpteen words. Thanks Wendell

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