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An Ocean of love,

like  a pearl of wisdom,

a river of affection,

a tree of protection.

firm as  a mountain,

soft as the melting wax,

Radiate as the sun,

 soothing as the moon,

sparkle like a diamond,

burn like a  coal to fuel the soul.





The  flower of joy,

with  the fragrance of  musk,

the muse of  my verse

the life of my spirit

enkindled within,

smile of  innocence…

affectionate ,


burning  ember  of my heart,

the  presence of an angel in a human form.



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  1. Oh wow!
    This is so very beautiful! :-)

    • Thank you John! so good to know that you liked. :-)

  2. truly, atleast one should learn a prt of these… wonderful…

    • Yes the qualities that a person should have in him is there in every bit of nature

  3. This is very uplifting and beautiful.

  4. Fragrance of musk is vividly manifestable in your writings.

  5. wow beautiful
    ♥ these words ” burn like a coal to fuel the soul “. great feel ..

    • Thank you Lucia! I know they are the real crude words of dictionary which do add the fuel! :-)

  6. A symphony of imagery and verse Soumya.

    • Its worth awaiting your comment Eric,for you have the true definition of my verse.

  7. I love it, it is soft and beautiful all at once :)

  8. Beautiful artwork and amazing words of love and desire. Thank you.

  9. i feel just b yourself (b in the way god has made you, you are d only one of your kind) :-)

  10. So very outstanding Soumyav! My heart smiles at every line and every word in your poem…so beautifully done! Great Job!

    • Iam happy Wendell you could feel the depth of it!

  11. Lovely !
    My favourite would be :
    “burn like a coal to fuel the soul.”.

    Lot of paradoxes around here :) You doing alright ?

    • :-) Hmm! just a thought of how we should be

    • George Ellington
    • Posted February 20, 2013 at 10:31 pm
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    How lovely this is! To embrace one’s muse. To find comfort and solace and a soothing rhythm of hope in the heart of another. There is something so mystifying about love. Yet something so very physical in the metaphors we employ to express it.

    • For more than expressing we try to manifest it in everything and we end up using physical metaphors for such expressions.There is something unique about love,it is a feeling,an emotion,a virtue and a vibration… so the mystery continues. Thanks for sharing your feelings George!

        • George Ellington
        • Posted February 21, 2013 at 9:36 am
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        My great pleasure, Soumyav. I appreciate your writing. And your comments.

  12. How uplifting, with beautiful imagery!!

  13. what an amazing poem soumyav! its truly beautiful in and out- the word play and the inner meaning.

  14. Beautifully written! :)


  15. My all time favorite. So full of wisdom and Beauty, as well as human potential! Bravissimo!

    • :-):-) loved your superlative exclamation Sheri!

  16. wow! its beautiful just like you!

  17. Soumya! It’s just so lovely…every word. I am not so expressive with words but I can surely tell that every time I read your lovely words gives me wonderful feeling…heart touching.

    • :-)And I do await the comment I would be getting,for that would reflect the intensity with which it touched.

  18. From another universe… Other-worldly… :-D

  19. WoW! Everytime I read this I feel great joy from your words. It is beautiful and speaks of the beauty you share. Thank you, mary

    • So good to see you here Mary! been a very longtime and i too missed your posts! will be there soon.

  20. Soothing flow dear Soumya; like a prayer for me..

    Peace & Light

    • Thanks for your love MIra! Really glad you could feel the air

    • Thanks for your love MIra! Really glad you could feel the air

  21. How beautiful, Soumyav. I grieve for those who do not, but rejoice in the rare ones who know love, who understand it. Who freely give of themselves, asking only for a soft place to fall. I love this! ~ Ever, Bobbie

    • you speak of true feelings Bobbie,irrespective of being fallen or giving in, your emotions always have an exquisite thought!

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