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A cold gust of air always followed when she walked past .She was known for her composed nature and for being an introvert.Thick glasses,unkempt hair tied into a bun,strange peculiar crisscross patterned dresses, she always made a joke of herself,but no one dared to laugh at her due to her strict nature.Anyone could just hate her.

Yesterday she traveled to Paris for a weekend training program .Everyone was shocked to see her name on the list,how could she be selected for such a prestigious fashion program?Her companion a handsome man in thirties, outspoken and elegant walked beside making  every onlooker fall for him.

After the welcome message and a casual dinner,the guests were shown way to their rooms and informed about the schedule of the events starting from early morning, the very next day.

The lights were dimmed,chandeliers slept,wind chimes played the soft tunes of melody.

A soft touch glowed her like a glow-fly.In the silhouette,beautiful cascade flowed with aromatic perfume,the satin created magic when it covered the feel alike skin nearby,
the hard rough outline  melted into a smooth silky image. The molten bosom amalgamated into his arms.He whispered ,” I have discovered my nymph melting in depths of my time.”


(PHOTOCREDIT:google images)


Crude and rough it was,

cut and polished diamond,

bedecked the royal crown…

This post is for the HAIBUN challenge.

The Līgo Haībun Challenge ~ Prompt ”Melt”.

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  1. Wow….that was beautiful, terrific writing…one of my favs in dat blog of urs….am so impressed…

  2. beautiful, i like

  3. You never disapoint, my dear.
    Did you happen to get my response about the guest post?

  4. The prose is commendable.

  5. Very beautifully written! Your words bring to life so many images…a wonderful poem!

  6. Spectacular, my friend! And the haiku in the end….really love it.

  7. Very nice transformation. A little Cinderlla ;-)

    • thank you for considering it to be a lookalike of Cinderella!

  8. Ah! What a masterpiece you’ve created, Soumya.. Love the narration and her journey. And her look and place suited her. So magical and dreamy. Excellent piece.. :-)

    • Thank you Muzer,but wasn’t as good as yours. I just tried to write instantly as I got the invite,so this one came out!

      • No way! I loved it. And I marvel at your creativity.. to write instantly such a great piece is beyond amazing.. :-)

        • you always flatter and encourage me ..and I so like to hear from you! :-) ;-)

  9. A Cinderella story.
    Nicely done


  10. magnificent haiku… i love those words that you used especially towards the end of the it caresses the reader!

    • Wow! Iam so happy to hear this from a great haiku writer and a genius writer herself! You create magic everyday KZ, I just managed to get a percent here!

      • awwww you’re too kind… thank you so much. you’re a fantastic poet. now if you’ll excuse me, i’ll tend to my ears coz they’re positively ringing with delight from your compliments ^^

  11. Quite the transformation!

    • True Anne! indeed we all have the power to transform ourselves,only that we never discover it in us nor in others.

      • You did a great job with her though… the staccato boxy descriptions in the beginning completely um, amalgamating to the poetic rich descriptions at the end. :)

        • Oh! Thts so nice of you to say so! I wanted the contrast to be distinct and noticeable,so the usage of words.

  12. Truly lovely my friend, and testimony that beauty is in the eye of the beholder…

  13. Powerful messages there, and I really like the metamorphosis idea. Beauty, yes in the eye of the beholder, but also how we can bring the best out of each other. Wonderful descriptions! Thank you so much for your lovely entry Soumyav!

    • Iam glad you liked that and hope it does meet the expectations of your highly set mark of Ligo writers.

  14. You should write more prose. :) :)

  15. goes to show that outer images are usually pure illusions for some…what may look ordinary and plain may be an actual precious treasure. this was wonderful. <3

    • Thank you so much for your wondrful visit and the sweet words

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