Under  a spell

the world moves..

in sleep and slumber

it faints and grooves,

losing the scent of the fragrant bloom…

dwellers we ,

live in incognizance…

Hitherto chasing

maddened dreams,

illusions such…

shall be wiped in between…

when a blink of HIS eye

shall change the course

Of the ever moving universe,

we will be nowhere !



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  1. True that we will be nowhere in one blink of His eye, if we measure one night of Brahma. :) Truly, and wonderfully described. Love the flow of words….musical and poetic.

  2. Love the touch of your vibrant image and the sweet aroma of your words! Always a delight to embrace and read them…God bless always my sister!

  3. And yet man dreams, screams and chases butterflies. And yet he thinks he’s important. Perhaps that’s what keeps him alive. An illusion of control.

  4. Like it up to the 11th line where then starts theism :P Hey, seriously kidding ;-) Love the fact.

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