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In the river  holy and pure,

flowing through the high terrains,

I dipped my spirit into it  to bathe

my sins got wiped

having a glimpse of her divine state…


she absorbed the worldly  charms with her

carried them forth…

to purify the iniquity…

washing the muck feet

that stepped in her waters…

…soiling her existence in



Quietly she cleanses

the dirt stuck,

revered is her entity

on earth.


In raucous   times ,

her flow becomes strident,

vociferously she roars then,

to let the souls hear her agony,

finding her children

in cark off shore…


She acts vehemently ,raging

waves to swallow

every stone…

When  mankind violates 

her flow and course,

bringing disgrace

to the Universe!!


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  1. Beautiful ! Sowmya….again an awesome read…

    • Thank you Debaroon for going through the lines and liking it!

  2. beautiful!

  3. Your words are always a truly inspiring blessing to read each morning Soumyav, thanks for always sharing your spirits heart with us all! So very proud of your words dear sister…God bless always!

    • thanks Wendell for the loving wishes you leave here on your visit .

  4. Your writing is always super.

  5. Honestly I thought I’d clicked on the follow bottom when I last visited. So please forgive my misguided thoughts…


    “In raucous times ,

    her flow becomes strident,

    vociferously she roars then,

    to let the souls hear her agony,

    finding her children

    in cark off shore…”

    A strong poem with a vivid picture. Above is my favorite stanza.

    • Thank you Uzo for sharing your favourite lines! Iam glad you liked them!

  6. Beautiful as always Soumya.


  7. I see the river’s strength in your words !! And Divine she is !!!

    • Iam glad you could feel the divinity of the strength!

  8. In fact, we ourselves are the River Divine :) hmm? And, the rest is a stimulus to drive us to there :)

    By the way, love the perspective <3

    • and your perspective too was different and good!Britton

  9. Wonderful lines, Soumya.

  10. Reminded me of one nature poem from my language. Except that yours is created with the intention to see the divine side of nature. Loved it. :)

    • So glad to see you loving it and co relating to another one from your place.

  11. very beautiful

    • Thank u

      • it was absolutely beautiful

        I had to see the dictionary for a couple of word to understand the meaning really I mean the language was fantastic

      • it is the state of your heart that makes you write so wonderful such wonderful words

        • might be the grace of God

          • yes but your language is beautiful and of a very high literary standards, I mean it for eg: Cark, Strident, very beautiful words giving the exact meaning of your thought

            Congrats indeed very beautiful

            • Thts a gr8 compliment although I haven’t read any of those great writers work… Just an attempt to come close to what I want to express.

              • but it is really wonderful of you, an attempt to reach the highest standards of literary form in order to express your self great

          • tere janaal ki tasveer khich ke rakhdoo lekin
            aankh mein zabaa nahi, zabaa mein aankh nahi

            yehi se hota hai raaz e ishq e mahabbat faash
            nazre zabaa nahi, pur bezabaa nahi

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